Best Affiliate Marketing Program Of 2017: Cuelinks

Best Affiliate Program For Year 2017: Cuelinks

Affiliate marketing is one of those marketin strategies which is widely used by most of the brand all over the world. Most of the affiliate programs are on commission basis in which you get paid for generating a sale for a particular company or brand.

As brands have to pay only when they see the results ( some programs are on pay-per-lead basis as well but mostly as pay-per-sale ) this is the reason why mostly every big brand has its own Affiliate program out there in the market. ( If you too also run a brand or a ecommerce store and want to know How you can also launch an Affiliate program for your store you can read this guide : Launch an Affiliate program today and boost your revenue )

Now due to a large number of Affiliate programs out there in the market, most of the time bloggers remain confuse with the idea that on which program they should focus and join. So In this post we will talk about that program which I consider as the Best Affiliate Program Of 2017.

I am talking about Cuelinks. Before I talk more about Cuelinks I want to let you know that Cuelinks is available for India, Brazil and Russia only. I hope they will surely extend their program in near future to other countries as well.

The programs has its both pros and cons. But for sure it has more pros then cons and obviously thats the reason we are tagging it "Best Affiliate Program-2017"

Some Pros of Cuelinks that makes it "The Best Program"

  • Easy to Use Dashboard: Working with Cuelinks is simple, tools like link kit etc. are provided there to make Affiliate links quickly. URL shortner is also available there along with links.
  • Very less payment threshold of just 500 INR. So there is no need to wait for long time to get paid.
  • No technical knowledge required to use and newbies can start as well.
  • Personal account manager to help you out when you feel stuck. The affiliate account manager's email and phone number will be there available to you so you can ping them when you have some issues.
  • A large number of big brands are a part of it including Amazon, Flipkart etc. So you donot need to signup at Amazon, Flipkart Affiliate programs individually. Hence its everything easy to manage here.
  • Cuewords and Cuewidgets options makes it best for bloggers and website owners. I have written a detailed post about Cuewords. You can check it here: How Cuewords Feature in Cuelinks works and How you can improve your earnings?
  • No need to get personal approval for individual merchants/brands. It means if you are once approved for Cuelinks you are approved for all the companies/brands which are part of it. Programs like ShareASale does not have this feature and even after shareasale approval you have to get approved for individual brands and campaigns.

Best Affiliate Program Of 2017
Best Affiliate Program For Indian Bloggers- Cuelinks

How to Join Cuelinks:

Joining Cuelinks is a simple process and does not takes more than 2 minutes. To join Cuelinks you have to visit this link: Register at Cuelinks. After visiting this link they will demand  information like Domain url, Email, password etc. which is basic and you can easily fill it.

If you are an individual and not registered as a company you can leave the option for company name. After sign up they will review your application and if your application got successful approval then you can make affiliate links.

How to use and work on Cuelinks:

1. Go at the campaign explorer option at the left hand side of your screen. Here you can see list of all the available brands.
2. There will be campaigns for brands like Amazon,Flipkart etc.Select those ones which are most suitable for your blog. It is always better to get Affiliated with those merchants that are related to your niche somehow. You can just select the campaign and after selecting you can make the links.
3. Now just using this you process you can easily make links of any brand and start earnings Affiliate commissions.

There are some issues with Cuelinks Program as well. One of them which is must to mention is earnings takes too much time to approve. I think they should work on this point for sure. Also I am not much satisfied with their support team. Otherwise other things are fine going and I am making some good income with them ( Made some 20$ till now with their Cuewords feature + refer and earn program )

Now it is your turn to make some money. If you need some help, or you have any feedback please post it in the comment box.
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