How To Create A Blog Using Blogger (Blogspot)

The two most important things you need to make a Blog or a website are Domain Name and Hosting.

Domain name acts as the address of your website. For example: is a domain name which you can enter in your browser's address bar to open the website of Google.

Second thing, you need to make a website is a Hosting service. When you buy a hosting service, you actually rent a computer (host computer) which stores all the files related to your website. 

These host computers remains connected with the Internet throughout the whole day and whenever someone wants to see any media or any other file or page at your website, he actually see the same file which is stored at the host computer.

There are a lot of different technologies involved in showing a file from a host computer to the device of the person who is opening your website as a normal visitor.

Otherwise, you do not need to dig that deep into all such technical things.

If you are planning to start a Blogspot Blog, you neither need to buy hosting nor domain name.

Google Blogspot platform provides you free hosting to store your website's files and also Google provides you free sub domain (which is in form of to make a website.

Hence Google Blogspot aka Blogger is a free service which can be used to create a Blog. 

In this article, we will show you step-by-step procedure which you need to follow in order to create your Blogspot Blog.

Create A Blog Using Blogger (Blogspot):- Step By Step Guide

Step 1:- You first need to visit in order to create your Blog. There at the homepage, you need to click on "Create Your Blog" button.

Create a Blogger Blog- Step 1
Create a Blogger Blog- Step 1

Step 2:- Once you click on "Create Your Blog" button, you will be asked to sign in. If you have a Gmail account, you need to login with that account. 

If you do not have a Gmail account yet, you can click on "Create account" button.

Please note, Email accounts of other providers like Yahoo will not be accepted here.

Step 3:- Once you successfully log in with your Gmail account, then there comes an option to select Profile Options (Refer to the image below)

Create a Blogger Blog: Step 3
Create a Blogger Blog: Step 3

You can select any of the two options. First one will make a Google plus profile for you if you donot have one yet. 

Second one makes a Blogger profile. You can use any of the two available options and it does not effects anything.

Once you select the profile, you can click on "Continue to Blogger" option.

Step 4:-  After you click on "Continue to Blogger" option there opens your Blogger Dashboard which looks something like the below picture:-

Create a Blogger Blog: Step 4
Create a Blogger Blog: Step 4

There are two messages at the top of Blogger dashboard. You can read them and later dismiss them. First message is related to European Union and its laws and second talks about Language preference for Blogger.

In order to create your Blogger Blog, you need to click on "Create New Blog" button. (You can refer to the above image where this button is highlighted using an arrow)

Step 5:- Once you click on "Create New Blog" button, you are asked to select Title, Address and Theme for your Blog.

In the address bar, you need to enter the domain name you want to use. Suppose that you want to make a Blog with title, I love Blogging Surgeon.

Then you can enter IloveBloggingSurgeon in the address bar and will be automatically added to end part of your domain name.

Hence the final address of your Blog will be IloveBloggingSurgeon.Blogspot.Com

(Otherwise this is just an example and its better to keep domain names as short as possible. You can read our guide about Domain name selection here: Selecting a Domain Name- All you Need to Know)

You can choose any theme for now as themes can be changed anytime later. 

Once you finish adding the title, address and you have chosen the theme, just hit the "Create Blog" button and your Blog will be created.

Please note, If you want to remove the part from your Blogger Blog's address then you need to buy a Domain Name from a provider like Namesilo or Namecheap and later you can add this domain to your Blog.

What to do After creating a Blogger Blog:-

A new Blogspot Blog is just like a chocolate without sugar. You need to add a better theme (in majority of the cases) to give it a professional look.

This is because there are only limited themes available in Blogspot Dashboard. Hence, they do not satisfy the needs of every Blogger. This is the reason you need to look out for professional third party themes and upload them.

By the way, we have a list of some good Third party Blogspot themes here. You can have a look and choose them as per your requirements:-

Best Blogspot Themes For Affiliate Websites

Best Blogspot Themes For Adsense Approval

Best Blogspot Themes which looks like Wordpress

Once, you choose a good theme and download it, you can follow this guide on How to add a third party theme to Blogspot (Blogger)           
After that you can start publishing articles on your Blog and start sharing them with your audience.

You can also connect your social handles with your Blogspot Blog and add a good logo and Favicon. 

You can check my complete list of 15 Things you need to do Immediately After Making a Blog

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