Top 5 Ways For Writers To Earn Their Living Online

Earn Money By Writing Articles, Poems and short stories online:

Writing is one of the finest arts. From ancient times till now the world has seen enormous number of quality legendary writers.

There are some people who do write just as a hobby and had no plans to pursue it as a profession while some others just want to make it as their living.

Earning money as a writer is not that easy most of the times because a lot of people keep trying their hands at same. In this post, we will discuss top 5 ways through which writers can make money online and earn their daily bread.

We will talk about following 5 ways in this post through which you can earn money easily:

1.  Freelancing job
2.  Poetry competitions
3.  Blogging
4.  Ebooks
5.  Proof reader

Make Money By Writing Poems
Earn money by writing short stories, plays and poems

#Freelancing as a writer:  Fiverr and Upwork are one of the most popular freelancing platforms these days. In order to get a Freelancing job there, you have to first make an account at these websites. Once your account is completed and you have registered there it is now time to make your profile complete which is most important at such websites.

It is always better to have a profile filled up with your prior experiences, your knowledge and expertise in the field you are pitching for the freelancing job.
Once account is completed you can pitch up for different jobs/ or make gigs (Gig is the terms used at Fiverr platform. You as a seller can make gigs for the services you are selling) and get work related to  different tasks like content writing,  poetry writing, proof reading etc. 
Hence if you are looking for freelancing writing jobs you can yourself register at any of these websites as a content writer in order to get a writing job easily:-
Once you start getting good projects at these websites, you can start building your own portfolio (in form of a website) so that you can get additional profits in coming future.

#Poetry competitions:  Poetry and writing competitions are always in one of those ways which can help you to earn quick money easily in a short time. There are a lot of competitions for writers which held on yearly basis. 
I have myself participated in contests like Respond. Sadly I was not in the winners but still I have knowledge of all these competitions. One such other content is organized by Poetry Nation in which you can participate to win some good money prize. 
The best thing about contests organized by poetry nation is they have a good number of winners like third prize is awarded to 100 participants, 20 runners up are chosen and one best poem is awarded with a grand prize of 2000$. So the probability of winning a prize is more then other contests here.

#Blogging: Blogging is one of the best option for writers to make money these days. Though you will surely require knowledge of other things like Search engine optimization (SEO), Digital marketing etc. at some times but still if you are a writer, Blogging is one great way for you to earn living.

A blog is just like a website which usually shares informative content in form of articles. Currently you are at my website: and it is nothing but a Blog website as we are just sharing articles here.

It does not costs you anything to start a Blog. You can make a Blog using websites like Blogger, Wordpress etc. for free. You can consider reading this articles if you are interested in starting your own Blog and start making money: How to make a Blog and earn from it

#Ebooks: With passing time, more and more people are moving online and are becoming digital. Within the recent years the trend of Ebooks has increased among people and same is expected in coming time as well.
Being a writer, you can consider publishing your own Ebook. It can be anything from a novel to a story book or anything you want to publish. Websites like Amazon KDP and Kobo offers a great opportunity to writers to publish their Ebooks and get recognized online and also get paid for same.

I hope all these ways can help you lend a good job in the field of writing.
If you still Don't get one you can consider pitching me. I have good connections with several website owners so I can help you to get a good job as a content writer.
Goodbye for Now :)
Blogging Surgeon
(Sahil Sharma)

#Proof reading: A lot of websites which have huge number of articles at their websites are hiring Proof readers permanently these days. If you have some good writing skills and you have good grammatical knowledge you can consider finding a job as a proof reader with help of LinkedIn or any other good job finding platform.

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