How to add widgets to a blogger/ wordpress blog for free?

Beautiful widgets to your website can make it look more beautiful. You can easily customize your website/blog by adding widgets related to surveys, subscribe buttons, contact forms, share buttons, promo, surveys,chat etc.
All this will improve the user experience and Hence it is advised to every blogger to use these gadgets. All these gadgets can be added easily by using Getsitecontrol. You just have to make a simple account with Getsitecontrol which does not take more then 1 minute.
After creating an account they will provide you a code which you have to add in your website once only.After that you can anytime add, create and remove gadgets from your dashboard of Getsitecontrol.

How to create a widget?
To create a widget,login to your Getsitecontrol account. Click on create a widget. Select from the available options. This list of available options include:
1. Subscribe
2. Contact
3. Promo
4. Survey
5. Follow
6. Share
7. Chat

Click on that widget which you require for your website. Now edit the widget using options like Appearance, content, Integration etc. and click on Ok.
Voila! your widget is ready within seconds. I refer all the bloggers to try this site once. It is free and easy to use
To register today visit: Getsitecontrol- Add beautiful widgets to your website/blog

If you face problems in adding the code, you can ask for help through comments section
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