How can you make a blog and earn money through it?

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In this post, I will give you a detailed explanation of How you can earn money through blogging?  

 What is a blog?

The very first question that comes to every mind when we talk about this topic is What is a blog?
See guys, A blog is a place where people share their views or knowledge on a particular topic in form of articles, posts etc. Starting a blog is free. You can use platforms like Blogger, Wordpress etc. for this purpose. There are various topics on which a blog can be started. The list includes educational blogs, sports blogs, fashion blogs, sports blogs, blogs about movie reviews etc. You can start a blog about any topic of your choice and share your reviews there. To start a blog now with blogger visit: How to make a new blogger blog?

  How you can earn your daily bread through a blog?

Blogging is a good way of earning your daily bread. There are a lot of ways through which a blog can make money. So let we talk about them one by one:

1.  By selling ads: See friend, when you start a blog, your major aim should be to write valuable content at your blog and get as much as traffic as possible on your blog. This is because your blog can make money only and only if people who are surfing on the internet will see it. After getting a good reader base you can apply for ads programs like Google Adsense, Propeller ads etc.
Using these programs you can show ads on your blog in the empty space. Whenever someone visiting your blog, see these ads or click on these ads you will be paid for that. As you will be paid when someone sees these ads or click on these ads, so you have to bring that someone on your site too. This is why I said that building traffic is very important. If you want to build a good traffic you must read these post: How to build large traffic?

2. By selling your products: You can even sell your own prepared products on your blog. For e.g. If you are running an education blog or a blog on art, selling your notes and artwork is a great idea. You can make your free online store using Instamojo and after making your free store you can easily sell your products. The happiest thing is that when you will receive your first payment using Instamojo you will get a signup bonus of Rs. 500 in your bank account.

3. Affiliate marketing: In affiliate marketing, you have to first join affiliate program of various stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. If you are an Indian then you can join Cuelinks only. It will make you affiliate of campaigns like Amazon, Paytm, Abof, Bata, Hostgator, Taskbucks etc.
    After joining these programs you had to made affiliate links. What actually an affiliate do is he or she simply promote products of these websites on his/ her blog. Whenever someone clicks on these affiliate links and makes a purchase, the blogger gets a share from that sale. For e.g. You can put affiliate links of sports products on your blog if you are a sports blogger. If you think that you will face a difficulty in making affiliate links then Cuewords can make your work easier by doing your job. You can read its details here: How Cuewords help you to earn a large income?
If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing visit: What is affiliate marketing?

4. By refer and earn programs: You can use various refer and earn programs and refer your visitors to make some bucks. For e.g. Payoneer offers $25 for each referral. Hence you can make a large income by running such programs. I had a good list of some top refer and earn programs. You can check it from here: A list of top refer and earn programs

5. Donate button: If you are running a blog or website for a noble cause I suggest you to add a Donate button to your blog. You will surely find a lot of people who will want to contribute to your services. Again you can use Instamojo to accept these donations.

6. By providing services: You can even provide services on your own. For e.g. You can work as a freelancer. If you have knowledge of some particular skill then this method will work great for you. Many bloggers offer different services and earn a large amount of money.

7.  By helping others to sell their products: You can start a common platform where a group of person who are related with same business can sell their products. For e.g. You can start a blog where writers can sell their self-published books. The idea will work great as everyone is not able to sell his content will Amazon KDP.

Hence you can make lots of money through blogging but... please please do not go for blogging if you need some money only. The world of bloggers is vast and many people including me work on their blogs religiously. So if you are passionate about blogging, then only go for it
Otherwise, Blogging is a long journey while makes you fall in love with these blogs. You will love them and they will become an important part of your life

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