How can you make money through Facebook?

Facebook is one of the biggest social platforms. If you are a Facebook page owner, then this post idea will work great for you.{If you do not have a page now, you can create one. It is easy and free.}
Make Money With Facebook
Make Money With Facebook
After creating a page, you have to make a new blog. It needs a Gmail account only to make a blog and you have to write 2-3 articles at that blog. You can write about any topic you know. After creating a blog, go and apply for Cuelinks affiliate program. It is easy and free. As you have to mention website/blog url there, this is why I said you to make one blog. I had explained the registration process for Cuelinks at this link: What is Cuelinks, How to use it?  You can read this blog post and then do the registration. It is free

Make Money With Facebook

So now when you successfully register for Cuelinks affiliate program now it is your time to start making some money.
It is easy. Just visit the Cuelinks website. Do login through the account you created. Now it is the time to make use of Facebook page. If you are a Fashion enthusiast, make a page related to fashion.
Game lovers can make page related to gaming. In the same way, everyone can choose a category.
From the campaign explorer of Cuelinks you can make affiliate links of various products and post them at your facebook page. Every product that you will sell through these links, you will get a revenue share. Cuelinks will made you affiliate of Amazon, Freecharge, Paytm, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Abof etc. So you will become a publisher of 1000+ websites. Hence this means you can promote products of all the publishers I mentioned
You will start earning within a short span only. Try to get more and more likes on your Facebook page so that more and more people get engage in your posts. There is now no need to maintain the blog you created as it had completed your needs.
If you are new in this field of online money making, the process will look difficult to you but trust me it is not...:}
Go and try it..
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Happy Earnings
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