How to check that your website is Google friendly or not?

Every website wants to do friendship with Google but Google does not do friendship with every site. Google considers only those websites his/her friends which provides quality content and information, are well written and are easily accessible.

How to check that your website is Google friendly or not?

1. The very first thing you should check that is whether your website is registered with Google or not? To check that whether your site website is currently included in Google's index, do a site: search for your site's URL. For example, a search for "" returns these results.
If your site is on Google then you can simply send me a smile through this screen. But if your website is not registered with Google you can simply sign up for Google search console.

2. Using Structured data testing tool: This tool helps to check that whether Google can correctly parse your structured data markup and display it in search results or not. This is a free tool and the test usually takes a few seconds. After that it will tell you the errors you had to resolve. To use this tool make a kind visit at:

3. Check that your site is mobile friendly or not: Websites which are mobile friendly always become friends of search engine easily, To check that whether your website is mobile friendly or not, You can use this official google tool:

4. Page speed insights: Page speed insight check the performance of a page in both mobile and desktop. Slow pages which takes large time to load are often ignored by search engines.This test will give a score of 1-100 to your page. If you are scoring about 85-86 then it means that your page is doing good. You should try to score as much as possible. You can use this tool from :

These are the various tests that you have to perform now only, so that your website can become friend with Google search engine as soon as possible.
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