How to increase Affiliate incomes with Cuewords?

 Affiliate marketing is one of the major source of income for many bloggers. But In this blogging world only, there exists a large number of bloggers who have never earned a single penny from their affiliate marketing programs.

In this blog post, I will tell you How My affiliate income increased by 19% in the first month only when I started using Cuewords.

Cuewords is a new term to you. So let me give you a brief introduction about Cuewords. Cuewords is a special feature of Cuelinks affiliate program. Cuelinks is India's largest affiliate network with more then 20,000+ Publishers and 1000+ campaigns. The major campaigns include Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, Make my trip, Paytm, Ebay etc.

How Cuewords work and what is its use:

Let we suppose that I write a short paragraph in my blog post as:

"Flipkart, an e-commerce website that partnered with Motorola, has now announced that it will soon launch Moto X in the country. Moto X is a high end Android phone and is likely to cost around Rs 25,000"

Now what Cuewords will do that it will convert words like Flipkart, Motorola, Andriod phone automatically into affiliate links. It is my choice that I want how many words to be get converted into affiliate links and the best part about Cuewords is that I have to just install a Javascript once and it will automatically start converting Keywords into links
You can also use this awesome feature just by joining Cuelinks affiliate program. After joining this network you have to install a Javascript once.

After successfully installing the Javascript, select the Cuewords density. Cuewords density helps you to decide that you want how much keywords get converted into affiliate links.You can select this Cuewords density from 1-10 as per as your choice. Moreover there is an option to select the colour of the affiliate links. You can do this as per as your choice.

Now after completing this procedure, Cuelinks will start converting keywords into affiliate links. This is one of the awesome feature about affiliate marketing that I had discovered till now. It made affiliate marketing a really simple process.
 If you have not joined Cuelinks affiliate program you can join it now and use this feature.
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