Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Make your first blogger blog in just 5 minutes

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In this post I will tell you How you can make your own blogger blog and earn money from it. Making a blog with blogger is completely free. You will get a domain as: for free.
This means that the free domain you will get will include the term Blogspot. If you want a domain as or means you want to eliminate the term blogspot from it, you can purchase a domain from GoDaddy or Bigrock 
That purely depends on your choice that which name you want for your blog. So now let us start making your blog

1. First of all make a kind visit at

2. Click on create your blog
3  Now you have to sign in with your Gmail account.
4. You will be directed to a page like this:

5. Click on create new blog
6. Add the title you want to use for your blog. For e.g. I am using Blogging Surgeon as a title for my blog
7. Now select the  domain address for your blog. If no one has taken that domain name before for his/her blog, you will be shown a message The blog address is available. But if it is showing not available you can try a different name as two blogs with same blog address cannot exist.
8. After selecting a domain address select the theme you want to add to your blog. It can be changed later on so do not worry.
9. After that your blog is ready and you can publish content and articles from the post section. To check your blog viewers and traffic you can check the stats corner.
10. Now when you will click on earnings, it will show the following message:
 As you are a new blogger, you are not going to apply for Adsense now as they will reject your application without any second thought.

11. So you have to add good posts and you should try to build as much traffic as possible so that you become eligible for adsense as soon as possible. I refer you to read this post once related to building large amount of traffic: Generate traffic for your blog
 12. Now you had to add some beautiful widgets to your blog. You can read its details here: Give your blog a cool look . This is free and you can add even "chat with us" option using these widgets.
Now after some days when you have some 5-6 good posts and 300+ views I suggest you to start  applying for good affiliate programs. They will help you to start making money from blog. I suggest you to check this post once for knowing about the best affiliate network: Best Affiliate network. If you want to increase your earnings try to post good content on your blog and do not copy paste it from others blog{ especially from mine,Just joking }.
      After making some money from Affiliate marketing you can even try selling products on your blog, selling ads etc. I  had explained all the ways at this link using which blogs can make large amount of money. You can checkout this link for details: Make money from your blog-7 special ways

I hope now your new, well customized blog is ready If you have some issues please let us know in the comments section. Subscribe to our newsletter for future updates. 
Please provide your feedback too as it matters us a lot
Happy earnings:}
If you are reading this blog for first time- This is Sahil- Blog Surgeon
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