Thursday, 27 April 2017

What you should have to do after starting a new blog?

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First of all congratulations! for your new blog and Welcome to the world of bloggers. As you had made a new blog now only you have to complete some steps that will make your blog look better, help it to get faster in search engines results and hence help you to build good traffic too. I had mentioned the details below:

1. Turn on HTTPS in your blog: As you had made a new blog recently, I suggest you to turn on HTTPS. After turning it on your blog traffic which is going to will automatically be redirected to
    This will make your blog safer and it will become difficult for hackers to steal your visitors data and information. Note that blogs which are served our https are ranked higher in search engines as compared to blogs served over http as they are less safe.
For those who are using blogger as a platform they can turn https redirect on by just moving to basic column of setting option.

2.  Add Google Analytics web property ID: Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that help you to track your website traffic. Using this you can find out the number of active visitors on your website/blog. It helps you to learn from which sources you are getting the maximum traffic, how much traffic you are getting from social platforms, how much traffic you are getting from organic search results.
Hence it is a complete solution that gives you the complete idea of your website traffic. To use google Analytics you had to generate a special id that can be generated by logging in to Google Analytics and adding your web property. Once you generate your Google Analytics web property ID, you had to link it with your blog.

3. Add posts and pages: This is one of the obvious points. You surely had to create as much as useful posts possible because only because of these posts you are going to receive traffic. Do not copy paste content from other sources. Also it is suggested to add pages to your blog. You can add pages like Contact us, About us, Privacy policy etc. to your blog.

4. Add share ans subscribe to us button: Your main target should be more and more people share your written blog posts. This will help you to get a lot of traffic. It is suggested to add share and subscribe to our newsletter button to your blog. You can even add surveys, forums etc. I suggest you to add a chat with us option too. It is free. You can try this all using: Add beautiful widgets

5. Start sharing your posts at different social websites: As your blog is new, you cannot completely depend on search engines to get visibility. So it is suggested to share your blog posts at every social medium so that you get more and more traffic. You can read this blog post and you will understand this whole process: Get large traffic through social mediums

6. Submit your blog to blog directories: You should submit your blog to as much blog directories as possible as they are also a great source of traffic for most of blogs. They are many blog directories that offers free submission. One of them which is quite popular and useful is blogarama. You can submit your blog to this directory for more traffic. It is the major source of traffic for my blog.

Hence, these are the must taken steps that you should do after making a blog. Otherwise one point that you should must concentrate on is blog posting. Try to publish atleast one blog post daily on your blog. Enrich your blog with good quality content which is useful for your readers
Happy blogging
If you are reading this blog for first time- This is Sahil- Blog Surgeon
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