What every Nebie blogger must known about Google SEO ?

Google SEO stands for Google search engine optimization. Most of you have probably read a lot of articles about Google SEO but many of the bloggers ignore reading the official SEO guide of google.
If you want to make your websites results better in Google engine, then you must read this article from the link provided below. Although this is a starter guide for Google SEO but it contains certain points which you have must to keep in mind.
To read this article, Visit: GOOGLE SEO GUIDE

BUT.....Wait guys, I have highlighted the useful information from this content and mentioned it here. So if you are running out of time, you can read this much information now only.

1.  Try to create write Simple to understand URLs: Google refers you to make Simple-to-understand URLs as they convey information more easily. As mentioned in the guide: Try to make URLs that contains relevant words related to your content, as it provides better information to search engines about your page. As URLs are mentioned in search results of Google, this becomes a must to consider point for you.

2. Try to avoid spelling and grammatical errors in your content. Moreover it is suggested to organize your content in such a way that it becomes easy to read and understand. As mentioned in text: Try to break your content into logical chunks or divisions so that user can find it easily.

3. Make fresh and unique content. It is always advisable to not to copy content from any other website. Not only this, many users are uploading same content on Wordpress as well as Blogger on two blogs. If you are doing this stop it today only as it will effect your blogs performance in search engine rankings.

4.  Try to write your content in such a way that normal content can be easily differentiated from the links you have pasted because either someone can miss that link or either someone can accidentally click there effecting your traffic.

5. It is suggested to use a mobile site and a desktop site as well. Using same desktop site for both desktop as well as mobile will also effect your traffic as well as site"s preview.

Although I have mentioned much of the important facts, still I suggest you to read the official document too.
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