46 Topics to make a new Youtube channel in 2017

Youtube is one of the best sources of Online money making and it provides both name and fame to Youtubers. There are many ways by which Youtubers can make money. In this post, I will not do details of that as I had already talked about it in my initial posts.
So in this post, we will talk basically about those 46 topics or ideas on which you can make Youtube channel to earn some good bucks. Hence this post will help you to choose the topic of your interest on which you can make your own new channel.
  1. News channel 
  2. Origami
  3. Cooking
  4. Sports training concentrating particularly on a single sport
  5. Gym and exercise videos{Include Yoga and meditation videos too}
  6. Educational channel
  7. Vines
  8. Comedy
  9. Dance videos
  10. Music
  11. Painting
  12. NGO related channel that basically accepts donations
  13. Channel on 3d art and pencil sketches
  14. Motivational videos
  15. Channel on daily life hacks
  16. Teaching chess and other mind games
  17. Channel on brain teasers
  18. Making models and charts of science{You can even sell them}
  19. Making useful items from scratch
  20. Calligraphy
  21. Travelling 
  22. Stunts{Do at your own risk}
  23. Kiting
  24. Cricket videos: Best
  25. Fashion tips
  26. Hollywood gossip
  27. Bollywood Gossip
  28. Review channel{ Reviews others videos}
  29. Technical channel
  30. Channel teaching blogging and online money making
  31. Channel about review of Electronics
  32. Computer accessories
  33. Teaching different languages
  34. Book reviews
  35. Best of the world{Videos about best of all things}
  36. Photography
  37. Horror videos
  38. Drama videos
  39. Information channel like information of some particular notices like job notice etc.
  40. Poetry channel
  41. Meditation and study music
  42. Bass boosted videos
  43. Musical instruments
  44. Quotes { basically comes under motivation category but here hard-work is less}
  45. Philosophy 
  46. Psychology

I hope you had selected the topic of your choice. Now it is the time to make and set up your own Youtube channel. For that, you had to make a kind visit at Make a new Youtube channel
Hope this will clear your doubt. Friends it is not possible for me to detail about each and every channel so I had posted the basic idea on which the channel can be based. If you need help in setting your channel or you want some more details about any of these topics feel free to post your comments.
Regards Sahil
If you are reading my blog for the first time- This is Sahil - Blog Surgeon
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