Getting traffic from unwanted links:Here is the solution

Sometimes it happens that a website starts getting traffic from an external unknown website. The point that you note it that although you get daily near about 1-5 visits daily from that site and the bounce rate is always 100% and hence the average session duration is also 00:00 affecting your site badly.

Getting Traffic from Unwanted links with large bounce rate

If you are too noticing the same problem then you should not worry as this is something natural that happens with every website when its online presence starts improving.In this post I have explained the detailed way of overcoming this problem:

The problem can be solved with the help of Disavow tool. This tool is helpful in blocking those websites which you should think are providing poor quality traffic to your site. Basically, if you disavow a link it means you are asking Google to not take the link into consideration while assessing your site. For example, from the last two days, I am getting visitors from a particular website which is based in some other country. As the site is not in English I even failed to predict on what niche the site is based about. This is what Google Analytics showed me:

So I decided to disavow the links from that website.Now we will see what is the procedure of disavowing such links. First of all, you had to make a  list of all those URLs which you want to disavow. Please be careful about making this list. You had to make a .txt file about all those URLs and after that, you had to visit this link: Disavow unwanted links. You must be logged in with your Gmail account and after that, you will see the following message:

Getting traffic from spammy links

After that, you had to click on DISAVOW LINKS and after that, you will see an option asking you to upload the file that you have saved in a .txt format containing URLs of all websites you want to disavow.After that just click on the submit button and this is all you have to do.

Note that disavowing links is not only enough. You should also try to remove spammy links on your own if possible if you want a better ranking by Google.
Hope this helps.

Happy blogging
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