Good news for Adsoptimal Publishers-2017 Latest Update

Hello bloggers,
Here comes today a good news for bloggers who are using Adsoptimal ads on their website. Adsoptimal has closed its services now but the good news is it is doing the remaining payouts
If you are an ads optimal member and you had not received payment from them from a long ago, you can log in into your account.When you will login you will see this message in your dashboard:
Dear AdsOptimal Publisher,

You are receiving this message since we are sending final payment to our publishers. As you have seen from our previous messages, we have been investigating a variety of suspicious behavior that had taken place across our network and caused our advertisers to withhold payment.

After much back and forth with our advertisers we have been able to receive a portion of payment and are providing a reduced payment to our publishers as part of this notice, since we can only remit what we have received.

Please note that only publishers free of any suspicious behavior and with outstanding payout request will be receiving payment.

Along with this notice we are also letting you know that we are shutting down AdsOptimal. Given the behavior that took place from some publishers in our network we are no longer able to command the demand we expect from our advertisers. We thank you for signing up and using AdsOptimal. We wish you all the best!

Your AdsOptimal Team 
Hence we consider this as a good step that although they closed their service still they are doing remaining payouts for their publishers.
Recap of the story:
Adsoptimal is a top ads network till January month. From 11-12 January publishers starting noticing that they are not getting any impression because Adsoptimal was a CPM based network. After some days they started displaying a message that the issue will be resolved soon. Now after completing of more than 4 months, they are back with the above message
We still appreciate that they are doing the remaining payouts as if they cancelled the payouts then too publishers would not be able to do anything.

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