How to make a Youtube channel and monetize it to earn money

Hello friends,
In this post I will help you to understand How can you make a Youtube channel and monetize it. For those people who do not what does monetize mean, Let me explain you in simple words:
  "Monetize means placing ads before your Youtube videos and get paid for the same. Not only a Youtube channel, you can even monetize a website or a blog and place ads on it to earn money. Hence monetize word is not related to Youtube only and the concept of monetize is very broad"
So now I will tell you how you can make a Youtube channel, upload videos on it and monetize your channel to get paid.
  1.  To make a Youtube channel, you first need a Gmail account. You can make it free of cost. Those who are also going to start a anew Youtube channel, I suggest you to start a channel using a new Gmail account by making an account at the name of your channel. For e.g. If you are going to start a channel on the name of Blogging Surgeon make a gmail account as [email protected] as it looks professional. Those who do not have a gmail account can visit this link to make one: Create a new Gmail account 
  2.  After making a new gmail account, You have to open  After opening Youtube, click on sign in. Now you will see a new option as My channel in your dashboard. I had attached a picture for reference.
  3. Now you have to click on My channel. It will show you a option like this one:
  4. Hence here you got the option to choose the name for your channel. The name you choose would be shown to people around the world.
  5. Now just after this your new channel is ready. Now you can add a description about your channel, explaining people what your channel is all about
  6. To upload videos to your channel you can click on the arrow button at the top of your computer screen. I had attached an image for better reference. You can see the arrow at the uppermost right of the image. Now just click at this arrow and upload the videos you want to upload
  7.  After uploading a  video, you can visit the video manager section to know everything about performance of your channel like how much views you get, how many subscribers your channel have etc.
  8. Now to monetize your channel click on the Channel option and then enable the monetization process. This is four step process as shown:
  9. You just have to complete all these steps. First step is simple and it just involves acceptance of Youtube terms and services.. Second step involves sign up for adsense.Now you had to make an adsense account and after that once you reach 10,000 views your channel will be monetized automatically. If you face some problem while signup for adsense comment it below.We will respond to each and every query
  10. After completing these four steps you will start showing ads in your videos and you will start earnings
Happy earnings
Please let us know your doubts
Regards Sahil
If you are reading my blog for first time- This is Sahil - Blog Surgeon 

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