How Youtubers can make money without adsense?

Some days before, Youtube announced that now they will show ads on that videos which have 10,000+ views. This announcement did not have effected Big Youtube stars but for small growing Youtubers who are just in their starting phase of Youtube journey this can be a bad news
But to make all those faces smile again, We are writing this post. In this post, I Sahil will tell you How you can make money From Youtube other then adsense:

1. Affiliate marketing is the very first word comes in my mind when I talk about this topic. The concept of Affiliate marketing is simple. Just promote and sell others goods, items and services and get paid for that. Many a times Youtubers fail to earn money from this as they join a wrong Affiliate program. There is no use of promoting those products who have no use to your viewers. Try to sell those goods and services only to which your videos and your base are related. Otherwise, You can join affiliate programs of Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc. to promote their services and earn some bucks
Those who want to know more details regarding Affiliate marketing can visit: Affiliate marketing: Full concept in 3 minutes

2. Running a blog: If you are a Youtuber it is always better to make a blog related to your channel too. It is a free service You can place ads on this blog to earn some more money, add affiliate links to the blog too and main thing is you can use this blog for joining as a Affiliate. This is because to join an affiliate program, you either need a website or a blog. It is completely free to make a blog. You can make it yourself in just 5 minutes. For details you can refer to this article: Make your blog in 5 minutes

3. Sell your own products: This works best for Youtubers making educational and technical videos. You can make your free online store and you can sell your notes, Ebooks at this store and add their links in the description section of Your Youtube videos.You can take the help of Instamojo services to create your own free store in minutes:Make your online Estore to add it to you Youtube
Moreover when you will sell your first product at this store you will receive a bonus of Rs. 500

4. Add sponsored videos: You can contact with your fellow Youtubers especially who are just new at Youtube and want to grow their channel. You can upload their content at your channel as a sponsored content and earn money from it. Not only this you can even contact companies too. Youtubers with tech niche can connect to app developing, website and software developing companies for this purpose. This method works well only if you had a good reader base.

5. Donate button: Again if you are a Youtuber in the education niche or you are making videos for social cause, be sure to add a  donate to us button at your channel. But personally as a friend I suggest that if you had add a donate button to your channel and you are receiving funds too please use that money for a good purpose only.

6. Add links. There are some ad companies like propeller ads that pay you for referring people to some special links. This propeller ads is just like Google adsense but it cannot show ads in Youtube videos. They can only give you a special link that you can promote to earn some money, The more clicks you will receive at the link the more they will pay you.
To join propeller ads visit: Join Propeller ads network. There is no need of a website to join this ads network

I hope these ways will help you to increase your Youtube revenue
I will surely update this If i find some more Useful way. In the meantime, please do not forget to add your email address in the above box and subscribe to us.
Happy earnings:}
Thanks for reading.
If you are reading my blog first time-This is Sahil- Blog Surgeon

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