What is Affiliate marketing- Full concept in 3 minutes

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is in one of those high paying skills, which if you master today, can help you reap a lot of benefits in the coming future. Big companies are paying thousands of dollars every month to their affiliates. In this post, I will try to explain you What is Affiliate marketing in simple words.

Affiliate marketing works on very simple concept. Alike other marketing jobs, In affiliate marketing also, you have to generate sales for a particular product or a service. The only thing is in Affiliate marketing, we promote those products and services which can be purchased online.

For example, You can be a part of Amazon Affiliate program and promote products of Amazon. In same way, you can be part of any other company or service's Affiliate program which is selling its products or services online. There are thousands of Affiliate programs in the market currently. I have complied a list of Best Affiliate program for Bloggers with Technology as their main niche. Here is the list : List of 10 Best Affiliate program for Technology Bloggers

In Affiliate marketing, you can use various methods in order to do product promotions. Once you sell something, using your Affiliate link you get commission for them

What are Affiliate links?

When you join a Affiliate program, you are assigned with a special tracking id {in most cases}. Affiliate links are those links which includes this special id included in them.

Suppose that you want to sell a sports shoes pair whose link is www.amazon.in/sportsshoes. Such links are called normal links. Now when you will turn it into an affiliate link it will look something like this www.amazon.in/sportshoesaffid:xxxx  where xxxx is your affiliate tracking id.

These affiliate links are used because they helps both the company and the affiliate about the number of sales he generated, number of clicks he made and other important things.

 So you had to convert it into a affiliate link first. Websites provide special tools that helps you to convert simple links into affiliate links. For e.g. This is a tool by Cuelinks Affiliate program. In this tool I had to just add normal link and it will convert it into an affiliate link by automatically adding my special id.

So now If I made a sale through this special link, for e.g. I post this link at Facebook and you purchase that sports shoes pair, Amazon will automatically got to know that I had made the purchase. It will also made visible in my dashboard that I made a purchase.

Hence Affiliate marketing works on the simple idea of selling goods and services to people around the world with the help of special affiliate links and getting paid. Note that when I was new in this world of bloggers, I thought it is as a completely rubbish idea as I  think that it is too difficult . But trust me guys as the time keep on passing I made a lot of money from Affiliate marketing. These are my affiliate earnings for the month of January to April 2017.

I know the amount is not so big but for those who did not know I was not active at any blogging platform from January 6 to March 25 due to some reasons and I also deleted the blogs where I had used these links.
Now I am running a single blog only which you are currently reading
I hope now you are aware with the fact that What affiliate marketing is actually
Happy earnings
If you are reading my blog for first time- This is Sahil- Blog surgeon
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