Which skill can you master as a new Freelancer

How to get Freelancing work easily when you are a new freelancer:

Freelancing is one of the most paying job these days. Many people are doing it as a part-time and many are full-time freelancers. If you are new to the world of Freelancing and want to know about the skill you can master for freelancing then this post will be going to help you a lot.

Skills that you can master when you are a new freelancer

Just there is one request to each and everyone reading this post to read it completely till the end as in this post not only I will tell you about the skill you can learn but also about the freelancing site which you have to use. Actually, the website about which I am talking is not specifically a Freelancing website but you can use it as a freelancing website.

Which skill you have to master and Why?

The skill I think you can master if you are not good in some particular field is Logo designing. Logo designing is a skill that is always in demand and you can say that it is an evergreen field because whenever someone starts a business, the top things about which that person looks includes a good logo for his/her company. So if you are a creative person you can easily learn this skill with the help of some online resources and some practice.Moreover, tools like Canva, Logopony etc. which are available free of cost will help you greatly in your journey of Freelancing and logo designing. Along with this you can be a part of logo design  competitions which can serve as an additional source for you to make some more bucks

Where and How can I find Customer?

Instamojo can help you in a great way in finding some good work. It is a website or more specifically a company that offer services to business companies all over India to accept payments through their blogs and websites through networks like Email, Whatsapp, E-wallets etc.
Now you can visit their website and make an account from this link: Register for an account
After that, you can visit on Instamojo connect website and there you can register for your service. Not only logo designing at Instamojo connect you can provide services like graphic designing, Photoshop designing, Article editing and even SEO services. So when online store owners or any other person using Instamojo will open his/her account he will see about the services you are offering and he will contact you when he or she will need help. Hence you can say that it can be a better solution for you even when compared to top services like Freelancer, Upwork as getting a job on these websites is not an easy task for a newbie. But remember Instamojo is one of the best companies of India so if you are not good in skills you are offering and you will not provide quality services to your customer, your account can be closed too. So you have to maintain work standards.
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