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The best way to find new ideas for Blog Posts

Dormancy is a phase in an organism's life cycle when his growth and other important life activities get stopped for some time. Sometimes this stage also comes in a blogger's life when he or she does not get any idea for a new blog post. Hence we can say that In that case the blog too goes in a dormancy period. So In this post, we will talk How a blogger can find out new and impressive ideas on which he can write on his blog in order to get more audience.

To solve this problem I think a blogger can completely depend on Quora. For those who are unaware of this platform, I want to mention that it is a top question/answer website. In layman's terms, people ask their queries at Quora and get answers from other Quora users.
There are a large number of users at Quora. In order to find out ideas for new blog posts, you can use this website in the following way:
  1. Start following topics on which your blog is dependent. For e.g. I follow topics like Blogging, Startups, Online Money Making there.
  2. Now you can use two methods here to find blog post ideas:-
  • Method 1: Use your feed- When you visit Quora home, In your Quora feed you will see something as New Questions as shown in Image 1. After visiting the New questions section you will see a large number of Questions related to topics you are following and you will also get to know How much people are following that question.Hence it gives you an estimate that How much audience of your niche requires an answer to that query. If you find that Question good to answer simply answer it at your blog posts with required explanations, images etc. and once you answered it post its link on Quora. Hence you got the following benefits from here:
          -You Target the right audience which decreases the bounce rate.
          -You get an idea for a new post.
          -You got good Traffic as well.
Image 1: How to find ideas for new blog posts
  • Method 2: This method is best for newbies. For this, you have to find the most followed questions on Quora related to your niche of writing. For e.g. If I write about Online money making I will find those questions on Quora which are popular on this topic. Usually, I found such questions and in many cases, they are even followed by a large group of people even 1-2K in many cases. So I had to simply find such questions and will explain them in the best way possible in a blog post. Once I will completely write that post I will share its link in that question as a new answer and Hence Quora will notify all the followers of that question about the new answer. Probably that will help me to land some 50 or more new visitors to my blog and if the answer will be appealing It has a great probability that blog will get more subscribers too

Some points you should keep in mind:

  1. Do not start answering even to every single answer in form of a blog post. For example, If any question requires an answer in one or two sentences there is no use of explaining it in a blog post. Instead of it post it there only.
  2. One more thing that you have to keep in mind is that You do not have to spam Quora. Do not flood Quora with links to your blog as it is against their policies. This can cause a ban of your account and even all of your answers can also be deleted by their moderators.
We hope that you will find this useful.
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