How to add meta description for individual posts in blogspot

The process of Adding Meta description on your Blogspot blog 

A Meta description is very important for every website as it provides search engines with the summary of the pages they are crawling and indexing. It is added in the <head> tag and Hence it does not appears at the page but it is always an important part of a page's HTML .
As per as suggested in the Google Webmasters support, it is necessary that each page should have its own unique meta description and it is quite natural too because every page of a website must not have the same summary. 
Now in this post, we will talk How Blogspot users can add an individual and unique description for every page for their blog. It is quite simple and does not require and technical knowledge. 

Steps involved in adding meta description for a Particular post in Blogger

1. To add a meta description, you have to first visit in the posts section of your Blogspot blog. After visiting there you can click on the post whose meta description you want to add. If this is your first post, you can simply go for a new post option
2. After writing your post, you can click on the search description option provided in the post settings column on the right-hand side. You can refer to the below image for details:
How to add meta description for individual posts in blogger

 3. Now in the "Search Description" option, you had to add the meta description for that page. Again I am reminding that your every page must have a unique meta description. Otherwise, your blog can get ignored by the search engines. Once you are done with the meta description you can save the post and publish it.

We hope this post helps you and You are now aware of this process also.

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