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Using Discovery Engines to Generate Traffic

Our last post was based on StumbleUpon which is basically a discovery search engine and this time again we are going to talk about an another discovery search engine which works on the same concept. Discovery search engines can be used by people when they want to discover new and interesting content.If you have not read our previous post about How StumbleUpon Works and How Bloggers can use it for generating traffic? We suggest you should go to that link and read that Blog post first. 

The discovery engine about which we are talking in this post in SpinSnap. Whenever a user visits their website and clicks on the spin button he is directed to a new random website related to the category he has selected. Now the thing is that although these discovery engines like SpinSnap are not popular these days as they have lost their charm due to other growing social networks but still they have not lost their original visitors and this is the only reason why this website still gets 10,000 unique visitors on daily basis with an average session duration of more than 3 minutes.
But as they are not quite popular people do not submit their websites to these search engines and Hence they lose an important chance to get some good clicks. Now If you are a Blog or a website owner I suggest you to not miss even a single chance of getting some good clicks at your website.

How to Submit website to SpinSnap

1} In order to Submit website to SpinSnap you have to register with an Email account at their website.
2} After registration you have to click on the Submit Item button on the right-hand top of your screen.
3} This will lead to the opening of a form like this one:

Get More Traffic with SpinSnap
Get More Traffic With SpinSnap

4} The best part is you can not only submit website but even music and videos can also be submitted to them.
5} Once you submit the item they will look at it and will approve it in 2-3 days if it will be according to their guidelines.
6}Once your item is approved your dashboard will be updated:

Get More Traffic With SpinSnap
In this way, we can use these search engines in order to get some good visitors.
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