Adding a Forum to Blogger Blog With Nabble

How to add a forum to Blogger Blog for Free

A forum can help you to understand your visitors. It not only helps you to interact with your visitors but also helps them to interact with other fellow readers of your blog. 
Having a forum to a blog is important when your blog is based on some types of reviews, facts, discussions etc. which can be based on any particular topic. For e.g. If our blog is based on Online Business then we have added a forum where online business owners can discuss everything that an Online business needs. It includes Digital marketing, SEO and SMO, Blogging Tips and Tricks, Startup ideas etc.
So In this post, we will discuss How a Blogspot user can integrate a forum with his blog. We will take the help of Nabble services for this. The whole procedure includes these steps:

a} Visit and go for Create Free Forum Option.
b} You will be redirected to a page something like this:
Adding  A Forum For Free 

 c} Fill the necessary details here and your forum will be ready in instants.
 d} After that, once your forum is ready, you will receive an email from their team which will include your forum URL. Visit there and do login with the same email account you used to create the forum
e} Now came the most important part of embedding it with blogger. For that login to your Nabble account. Open your forum and go to the option tab as shown. You can find it in the neighbourhood of People.

Adding a forum to blogger blog
f} From this people option go to Embedding option. You will be provided with a Javascript code which you have to copy.
g} Now open your Blogger dashboard and go to pages section.
h}There you have to create a new page. I had created this page with name Visit the Forum-Business Geeks. You can simply create it with the name Forum also.
i} After giving it a name go for HTML option shown on the top left as shown in the image below.
Adding a Forum to Blogger Blog

j} Now paste the same Javascript here.Now you can publish the page.

Note that I suggest you add some important guidelines about your forum on this page only as it will improve the average session duration for new users who are directly coming to this page. For example, you can see the image below:
Important Guidelines For Forum Members
Now your Forum is ready. Let us know if you are facing some issues in doing this
If you are reading this blog for the first time- This is Sahil- Blog Surgeon
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