Google Analytics Not working with new Blogger template{Solved}

 Google Analytics Not Working With Blogger Blog

Recently, we moved to a new blogger template. The template was not the inbuilt template of Blogger but was taken from an external source. As soon as we added that template to our blog, We found out that Google Analytics was not working. It was not showing any view and that was not possible.
So we decided to figure out the problem. I tried to take help from Google's official Blogger Help forum but I did not get a response from them too, so I decided to figure out the problem by myself,


To solve this problem, you have to take the following measures. Actually, the problem is with your template which does not contain the code of Analytics as the developer of your template has not added it. I am addressing this issue as most of the Blogger templates lack Google Analytics code.
We can solve the issue just by following these steps:

a} Log in to your Google Analytics dashboard. Visit the Admin option as shown:
Google Analytics Not Working Properly

b} Now from the Administration option visit the property section.There you have to visit the tracking code option under tracking info option:
Google Analytics Not working Properly with Blogger

c} Now from the Tracking code option, copy the Universal Analytics Tracking code.
d} Now once you copy this code, open your Blogger dashboard.
e} There from the theme option, go to the Edit HTML option. f} From here search for </head> tag. You have to paste the same Universal Tracking code, just above this </head> tag.
g}Now just save the theme and your problem will solved.

Hope this article helps you.
Thanks for reading
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