Saturday, 8 July 2017

Add your Website or Blog to Stumbleupon for Boosting Traffic

What is StumbleUpon?

Stumbleupon is in one of the most popular social engines which help people to discover new web pages. It works on a very simple concept of Finding new and interesting web pages and web content by chance. Whenever a user clicks on Stumbleupon button, he is directed to a new page which belongs to a different website. The user reads that content and he has an option to either like the content or to dislike it. In this way, a user is redirected to an external unknown website about which he does not know. Hence StumbleUpon helps users to find interesting content throughout the web.Note that a user can change his or her interest in order to get directed to only those web pages which are of his interest.
Now as a Blogger or website owner, you can also use Stumbleupon to get some good quality visitors.Now let us talk How someone can submit his article or blog post at Stumbleupon

Submitting a Website to StumbleUpon

You can follow these simple steps in order to submit your website to StumbleUpon:

1} Register at StumbleUpon.
2} After registration, login to your account and go to My Profile section.
3} Now click on the Add a page option in order to submit a page from your website.
4} You have to then fill the following details as shown in the picture:
How to Share a website content at StumbleUpon
 5} Once you fill the necessary details you can share the article and save it. In this way, you can get some good visitors from this website.

Important Points:

1} Stumbleupon does not accept submissions of Blogspot hosted content.  I considered this as their worst decision.
2}If you write some technical sort of content or some educational content then you will not get good viewers from this as most of the people who are using StumbleUpon wants to read some interesting sort of content. So they usually dislike such content

Otherwise, StumbleUpon is a good website for submitting your articles.You should surely give it a try.
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  3. You are right admin. I am using this from 6 months and got 10,000+ traffic.

    I would like to include, We should use There is thousands of active user per second that is enough to bring more traffic.


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