The Guide to Ebook Promotion: The 7 Important Points

 How to Promote Your Ebook: The 7 Step Guide

Whether a writer is writing a new ebook to publish on his blog or he is going to publish it with Amazon KDP, his main target is always to target a large group of readers. In this post, we will discuss those 7 points which you have to keep in mind while promoting your Ebook in order to target a large group of readers:

1} There is a famous quote, "Never Judge A Book From Its cover". But such quotes suits well at a philosophy blog. If we do the reality check most of the times the cover of a book has a great influence on the number of its copies sold. So if you are planning to write an Ebook make a catching cover. You can make a cover on your own with services like Canva or hire someone to do it for you. If you need a freelancer to do so, you can visit our forum and find someone.

Promote Ebook Online for free
How to Promote Your Ebook

2}Hire Influencers: Influencers are a group of people that can influence the opinion of others. You can find Influencers on platforms like Blogmint. They are usually bloggers whom if you hire will write about your product. If you pay an influencer a short amount of 10 INR per tweet or say for a Facebook post, Imagine How easily you can reach a large group of people. It is always suggested to hire the right influencer as per as the topic of the Ebook. Hence we can simply say that if you hire an influencer he will promote your book on his blog as well as on his social media handles.

3} Keep everything ready: If you are launching a book soon, make your social accounts ready before its launching. From your Facebook page to a Twitter handle you should be ready with everything. You can check this list of social platforms you should also try for promotion along with platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

4} Invest few bucks on Social media marketing: Set a budget and invest some money on Social media marketing. Choose the social media platform which is most widely used in your country and which has your targeted audience.

5} Make a website for your work: A website is important for you if you are going to publish your book. This is because If this time you are publishing your Ebook with Kindle then you are paying them few part of your earnings as royalty. If you will have a website, next time you can simply sell the Ebook at your website.Hence you will save the money which you have to pay as royalty. Moreover, you will get subscribers there. Hence you can ping them in future next time when you will publish your new Ebook. If you are short of budget, then you can make a website with free blogger hosting and a custom domain. If you do not know how to make one, you can contact us and our team will make one for you free of cost.

6} Run special offers with discount codes: If you are launching your Ebook for the first time, you should surely provide a good discount to your readers. Your target should not be good revenue but you should target good reader base.

7} Try to get media coverage: You can contact newspaper owners for this.Although most of the newspaper will demand money for this if you write the article in order to promote the product but if you write in a general preview of an article on,"The problems you faced while writing an ebook" or "What is the procedure of publishing an Ebook In India" no newspaper will ask you for money and you will also get featured in the paper.

Secret tip: If you are publishing your Ebook at a blog we suggest you to launch your affiliate program also. It will help you to target large amount of audience wiithout doing anything.

If you need more help or you want an expert to manage all this for you feel free to contact us.
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