Getting Publicty as a Blogger with HARO and SourceBottle

In the world of Internet now it is not impossible for common people to become popular in short time. Some people are becoming popular by making videos on Youtube and some are well known around the world due to their websites or blogs. The Internet is giving recognition to common people who are hardworking and there are many people we know who are just popular due to this Internet.
Now the same is with Bloggers. The popularity of a blogger is directly proportional to the amount of traffic he gets on his website.
Apart from content writing the most important thing a Blogger has to do is building traffic on his website. Now in order to get traffic, it is necessary that the Blogger gets media coverage and publicity. The most common way used by bloggers to promote their blogs is social media. Now in this post, we are talking something unique from this social media which can help you to build quality backlinks, as well as to get media coverage as a blogger.

How to be a popular blogger
Getting Publicity As A Blogger With HARO

In this post, we are talking about HARO and Sourcebottle. HARO and Sourcebottle help to connect journalists and sources. In this case, here sources are none other than bloggers. They are the sources of information. For e.g. You can consider me as a source for the information on topics like Online Startup advice and strategy, Making Money Online and Social Media Optimization. In the same way, every Blogger is a source for information on a particular topic. If you are a Health blogger you can be a source of information on topics like Biotech and Healthcare.

On the other hand, Journalists are those people who are in need of information or details of something or in a case they want to interview someone. Such people are usually writers of Top popular websites and blogs. Now websites like HARO and Sourcebottle connects these two different kinds of people{sources and journalists}. The working of these websites like HARO and Sourcebottle is pretty simple. If you are that one blogger who is in need of getting media coverage or the one who is in search of making backlinks you can join these programs just by registering with them with your emails. After that, you will start getting email messages from Journalists on a particular time once or twice in a day. These email messages include queries from Journalists with all the necessary details they require.
Let me explain you with an example.If you register with HARO as a source you will receive emails of such kinds:

How to use HARO as a Blogger
Using HARO as a blogger: Complete Guide

As you can see there are various queries by Journalists which are categorized properly in categories like Biotech and HealthCare,  Business and Finance, Entertainment and Media, Lifestyle and Fitness etc. Once you click on these hyperlinks you will get the full details of whom to answer, what to answer with what details. Every email message includes some 30-40 queries.
In this same way, every blogger who is registered with HARO or sourcebottle receives queries from them. They can answer these queries to get media coverage and backlinks also. These email messages also come at a particular time in a day. For e.g. I usually receive queries near 9:00 p.m. in my inbox.

Some tips to follow to get your answer or response getting featured:

1. Reply fast: Journalists are busy people. So it is advised by HARO as well as sourcebottle to reply fast to all queries.
2. Do not add spam links. Otherwise, your account will be suspended.
3. Always share the necessary details along with your answer. Do add your name, website URL, Image etc. to get featured easily.
4. Be to the point: Do not share useless stories within your response. Just add some stats, facts and results and be specific.
5. Presentation matters the most: It is in one of the most important things you have to take care of. Properly do numbering of all the points you used to answer the query. Bold words/ or sentences where needed.

Now you can also register with HARO and SOURCEBOTTLE and start responding to the queries as per your blog. If you have any more doubt, Do let me know in the comment box.
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