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A visually appealing content gets more reads and shares than a normal chunk of text. This is the only reason, Images and graphics are important components of marketing from long time.

Whether its Offline Marketing or the currently trending Online Marketing (also referred as Digital Marketing), good graphics are the true friend of every Marketer.

Websites owners and Bloggers also insert images in their articles and Blogs in order to make their content stand apart from their competitors.

Not only Images and graphics makes your content looks more appealing but there is one other benefit of adding images to the content and that is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wise importance of the Images.

In this post, we will be discussing:-

  • Best SEO Practices to be followed while Inserting Images to Blog posts and Articles. 
  • How to insert alt attribute to Images in Blogspot (Blogger)
  • How to insert alt attribute to Images in Wordpress.

So Let us kick start our discussion:-

Best SEO Practices to be followed while Inserting Images to Blog posts and Articles

Search Engines cannot understand what is written inside an image. 
As the search engines cannot read what is written inside the image, they take the help of alt attribute to understand what an image is all about. 

This is the reason, search engines always motivate Bloggers and Webmasters to make proper use of alt attributes.

For those who do not understand html much:- Attributes can be understood as a way to add or specify extra functioning or properties to tags. For e.g. <img> is a html tag while alt is an attribute which is used inside img tag in order to insert alt text of image. Hence attributes are there to add extra functioning to html tags.

Hence, If you do not use alt attributes properly, search Engines will not be able to understand what your image is all about. 

Please note, In html we add alt attribute as:-

 <img src="addalt.png" alt="insert alt tag" title= "add alt tags">

Do note, not only alt attributes help Search engines to understand what an Image is all about but they have one other great benefit and that is when screen readers, readers a website text for a blind person, they instead of describing images, just read alt text of images.

If you have an image, for which you do not think any suitable alt tag is there then you can add it as:-

 <img src="addalt.png" alt=" " title= "add alt tags">

Hence, instead of skipping the alt attribute you can keep it empty. This is a better practice.

Do note, that along with adding alt attribute, you should also optimize title attribute of images properly.

Also make sure that you use appropriate file names for images you uploading at your website. 

For e.g. Suppose you are writing a post about How to get Adsense Approval For Blogspot and you are adding a image in it, then make sure the image you adding in that post, should not be saved as something like united.png or random.png.

You should instead save it as adsenseforblogspot.png and then upload it to your website.

Along with this, its better to compress images before uploading them at your website. Proper compressing will decrease the size of images but will not effect the quality.

You can use Optimizilla for compression. WP smush is a good plugin you can use if your website is at Wordpress. It is a paid plugin but has a free version too and free one is really useful. 


  1. We should make proper use of alt attributes.
  2. We should provide suitable file names to all the images before uploading them at our webpages.
  3. Its a better idea to compress images before uploading them at website. This helps us to maintain a good page speed.
  4. You should try to use as much images in your posts as possible for you. The more images you have the more chances you get to add alt tags. Inside alt tags you can add your focus target keywords for which you want to rank. (Do not do keyword stuffing).

How to insert alt attribute to Images in Blogspot (Blogger)

Now Let us come back to our discussion about alt tags and Let us see How you can alt attributes to images in Blogspot.
How to Insert Alt attribute in Blogspot and Wordpress
How to Insert Alt attribute in Blogspot and Wordpress

There are two ways through which you can add alt tags to Images in Blogspot. We will see both the methods one by one:-

Method 1: Inserting Alt attribute to Blogspot (Blogger)

This is a very simple method. You can follow the below steps to add alt attribute in a Blogspot Blog:-

Step 1: Insert an Image to your post by clicking on the Image icon in your Blogspot Dashboard. (Refer to the Image below)

Add alt attribute in Blogspot- Step 1
Add alt attribute in Blogspot- Step 1

Step 2: After that, you get an option to upload image or choose one from already uploaded images. Once you add the image successfully in your post, you need to click on the uploaded image and select "Properties" option from all the option that appears on the Top of image. (Refer to the image below).

Add alt attribute in Blogspot- Step 2
Adding alt attribute in Blogspot-Step 2

Step 3: Once you click on Properties option, a box will appear which will look something like the below image. It has an option to add alt text and title text.

Add alt tag in Blogspot- Step 3
Add alt attribute in Blogspot-Step 3

You can add the alt text and click on the OK button. That's it. This is the most simple and easiest way to Insert alt attribute to Images in Blogspot.

Method 2: Inserting Alt attribute to Blogspot (Blogger)

This method needs you to play a little with the codes. All you need to do is select the HTML section from the Blogspot editor after adding the image and later you can add alt attribute to the img tag.
That's it. By the way, Method 1 works fine and you do not need to use Method 2 most of the times.

How to insert alt attribute to Images in Wordpress

In Wordpress, adding alt attribute is mostly similar to Blogspot. You can follow this simple procedure to add alt attributes to your Wordpress images.

Procedure: Clock on media, then on Library and then select the file you want to add.

After adding the image, you can see the option to add alt tag in the sidebar. (Refer to the Image below)

Adding alt tag to Wordpress
Adding alt tag to Wordpress

That's it. The process of adding alt attribute to Wordpress is simple and easy.

If you have not added alt attributes to your old images, its a better idea you optimize alt attributes of your images as soon as possible.

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