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Launch An Affiliate Program And Get More Leads in 2018

 How to Launch an Affiliate Program to get more leads:-

Affiliate marketing has always been an important method in marketing campaign for most of the big brands. For example Amazon launched in some 1994-1995 and its Affiliate program was launched in some 1-2 years only.  

The Affiliate program of Amazon is still running successfully after 20 years and in these 20 years this has played an important role in success of Amazon.

Not only Amazon, but Affiliate program has played a major role in success of many other brands as well. In this post, we will talk about How you can launch an Affiliate program for your store with ShareASale and some other third party services and get more leads for your online business. 

Before proceeding further, Let us first discuss What is an Affiliate program?

  • Affiliate program is more likely a referral program. In an Affiliate program, you hire some influencers/affiliates. They start promoting your products/services through Blog posts, Social marketing etc. and bring you leads. When they bring you a client successfully you pay them a small commission percentage in return.

 Additional Benefits of Running an Affiliate Program:

  • There is no need to spend extra bucks on other promotions
  • You pay only when someone generate leads. So you have to share your commission only and only when you are getting profit at your end.

Complete Process to Launch An Affiliate Program With ShareASale

Guide to launch an affiliate program
How to Launch an Affiliate Program for Your Store

The major reason behind choosing ShareASale is because they have a lot of registered quality Affiliates with them. Usually most of the Top Bloggers are registered with ShareASale and Hence if you launch your Affiliate program with them you can reach to a lot of top influencers easily.

For example, If you are a Shopify Store Owner, you can launch an Affiliate program with some plugins and apps available at Shopify store but the thing is you will face problem while bringing Affiliates and influencers to your store while if you launch an Affiliate program with ShareASale there is no such issue.

Also there is no need to have any technical knowledge or something else. You have to just visit ShareASale and follow the following steps:
1. Visit ShareASale.com and signup as a merchant by clicking on I want to be one of these merchants.
2. The program is based on real time tracking and it is advised to do read the full details of their guide. You can visit this link for that: ShareASale Guide
3. Once you have got the entire knowledge about the program you can signup, confirm your email account and pay the one-time recurring fees and the minimum deposits.
4. You will be provided with the welcome kit by their team and on approval, your program will be started.

Please note the one time fees is the fees taken as a security plus the setup fees. ShareASale takes all this money as they further use this same money to pay affiliates who bring you leads.

Note that after this do not forget to add a page about Affiliate Program on your website as well. Do mention that
  • You people run your affiliate program with ShareASale.com  Affiliates interested in being a part of your program can join the program through official website of Shareasale.

Important points to keep in mind:

1. Do not set auto approval of merchants and review every application manually if possible.
2. Do launch a pay-per-sale affiliate program if you have fewer budgets. A pay-per-lead program is good for sites with better budgets.

Apart from ShareASale, Growsumo is one other option through which you can run a good influencer program for your website.

Please note big brands like Logojoy, Evernote etc. are already running their Affiliate program with Growsumo so Growsumo is surely a good alternate for ShareASale.

You can also consider getting an Affiliate program developed for your website but that is too hectic as again you have to look for merchants. I hope this will be fine for today. If you have any queries, Do let me know.

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