Make Money Online This Diwali: The New Social Startup idea

Diwali is one of the famous festivals of India. Although it is not only celebrated in India but in many other parts of the world but still due to many reasons there is something special is Indian Diwali.
Every year on Diwali Festival there are millions of Firecrackers sold. The business of firecrackers is so big that its turnover is in more than millions. This startup idea will revolve around Diwali Festival basically and is a social online startup which will help to save many lives.
There are a lot of legal requirements in this and you too have to do a lot of things on your own which includes a lot of permissions and formalities but in the end, this will bring you good money and you will also be recognized as a social entrepreneur on your success.
The idea is very simple but it is not yet applied in India. It is based on the positive use of Internet. So let us start our discussion on this but before that, we want to put some data in front of you. Here are some top headlines from newspapers near the last Diwali season: {source: Indianexpress}
A major fire broke out today in a firecrackers market here, gutting more than 150 stalls and 30 vehicles parked nearby, but no casualty was reported, police officials said. The blaze started at around 11.45 am in the market set up on the occasion of Diwali at Zilla Parishad Ground under Krantipura Police Station in this Central Maharashtra city.
There are multiple of such news every year where due to some accident fire broke in big Firecrackers market leading to big losses. The thing is that due to a large number of firecrackers shops in such market it becomes merely impossible to control the fire and even it is controlled till that a lot of loss has already taken place.
So now this startup idea basically gives the solution to the problem of fire accidents in bulk cracker market. The startup idea revolves around:

Creating an Online store at a city level where big dealers can sell firecrackers in bulk to small sellers and also to other people who want to buy them in large amounts. As the startup idea will be at city level it will be easy to deliver the goods. Also people selling without license will be caught and only those having the license will be able to sell. The main reason behind categorizing this as a social startup is that sellers will be able to store the fireworks in their homes or stores in safe places. This is because the firemarkets where crackers are usually sold have not well build shops{not at all places but in some cases only}. The shops are temporary and are made of things like fabric sheets,tin sheets etc. which caught fire more easily.

How Government can be benefited from this: 

1} Simply instead of giving tender and selling physical space Government can provide online space to sellers so that sellers do not have to buy anything online or neither they have to do anything like hiring a developer. They have to simply pay the officials for an account.
  Also, Government can sell space as per limits and needs of the seller. For example, they can set limits as per the number of products. For e.g. A seller can enlist 10,000 items at the rate of Rs. X

2} No need to spend money on Fire brigades and they can be used in the other emergency condition.

3} Proper check on everything. Also, this will give a boost to the digital economy.

How You can be benefited from this:

You can present this idea or simply send it to officials of your state. Later if they got agreed to this or you decided to do something similar to this on your own you can ask them that you will be the idea manager. You can make a website and do other formalities and ask the officials to pay you. Moreover, chances are there that you can be awarded also. If you do not know How to make a website for such purposes you can connect with my team and they will help you. You can simply send this idea to officials of your respective city or you people can tweet it with the link and tell the officials that you want to work on this. Note that even if you are not a developer or you are not someone from technical background still you can work on this and make a website as it is easy using Wordpress and some other plugins and extensions.

Earn Money On Diwali
Earn Money On Diwali

This startup not only supports the digital economy but it also can save many lives and money as well. Do share the idea with your friends and family so that it can reach out to maximum people
Note that there are certain laws involved in selling of fireworks in India. Hence those people who are interested in working on this startup should take legal help for sure. You can take legal advice online as well.
If you need more help in working on this startup do comment below or simply contact us through email.
Our team will guide you for more
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