5 Golden rules for success in Affiliate Marketing

In one of my previous posts I have explained about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is now becoming more and more popular and more and more people are trying their hands at it. But the thing is that only few of those succeed and I can happily say that I am one of those guys who have succeeded in affiliate marketing. Before we move further and talk about the golden rules that can help us to succeed in affiliate marketing I think it is better if I show you proof of the above statement in which I am claiming about my success in affiliate marketing. Here is a report from one of my favorite Amazon affiliate program

Amazon Affiliate Program reports 2017
 Now many of you will think that there is nothing special in this as the earning amount is not so high. To all those I want to make sure that currently we use Affiliate links of Amazon on this blog which are made with help of Cuelinks Affiliate Program. You can read more about this program at here: Cuelinks: The best Affiliate Program Of India.

Now coming to the main point, I will discuss all the points one by one which can help you to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. Here are the top 5 Golden rules you should follow to ensure your success in Affiliate Marketing:

1) Use your influencing power: As a Blogger, you should have great influencing skills. Like a clever salesman you have to force people mentally to buy a product. You have to influence their minds in such a way that they somehow buy that product in instants without some second thoughts. You can do this only by mentioning all the positive uses of that product along with some negatives of it.
Most of the affiliate marketers just mention the positives and positives of a product which makes the buyer in doubt and you loss his trust. If you are a affiliate marketer remember the golden rule,
While selling something mention its both positives and negatives. In the positives mention those points, which will effect the buyer and also those points which will not effect the buyer. But in the negatives mention only those points which are not effecting the buyer in any way.
2) Do not just promote too costly products: I have seen many new bloggers promote only costly products. They though that they can make more commissions by selling them but it is natural that conversion rates in selling such products is very very low. As an Indian you can naturally think on the point that How often we people buy costly products online. The thing is for sure we buy products online but we think a lot before buying them or more chances are we consider it better to go to a physical store and then buy it from there.
Hence If you are an affiliate marketer do remember:
You have to promote costly products for sure but your main concentration should be on promotion of affordable items with more commissions. One such examples are Books whose commission rates are nearly 10% in Amazon Affiliate Program and have a higher probability to get sold then an electronic item whose commission rate is 1 or 2% and probability of getting it sold is for sure less.
3) Choose the right product: Whenever someone gets his application approved for an affiliate program, he or she starts making widgets and links and starts them sharing at his or her blog. The thing is most of the time, they are promoting the wrong product. I have seen endless number of times that bloggers of technical niche are sharing codes with products from fashion niche, sports bloggers promoting books with widgets and so. The thing is you have to understand the mind of your reader. You have to find the exact product they are looking for and then you have to share its affiliate link for success.

4) Add snapshots of reviews of that product: Most of the times possibility is that whenever someone will buy a product he or she will surely check the reviews of the product by the common audience. So It is suggested better to add screenshot of reviews{good ones} if possible to the post in which you are promoting or talking about a particular product. That will directly make the buyer to click on your link and place the order without any second though hence increasing your probability of getting succeed.

5) Keep the frequency of Affiliate links greater in a post: While writing a post do care that the reader does not came to know that you are promoting the product, just for sake of commissions. Instead of it once you have finished promoting the product, end the post with taglines like,
You should buy the product now, if you have your pocket money left with you or you can buy it next month also.
I think they are selling this product some 10-20 INR costlier but we can do nothing as on other sites people complain that they are receiving defective products.
Believe me or not these taglines make the reader feel that you have provided the most genuine  review of the product. One other thing you have to keep in mind is that whenever you are using the name of that product in your post every time you have to add a link to that product{affiliate link for sure}.

Following these five golden rules can increase your probability of success in affiliate marketing. Now it is your turn to try your hands at affiliate marketing
Thanks for reading.
If you are reading this blog for first time- This is Sahil- Blog Surgeon
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