How to add new authors/admins to a Blogspot Blog

How to add more users/admins to a Blogger Blog

Most of the Blogs are managed by more then one author. Hence it become pretty important that all of them can access the blog easily with their individual emails. This is possible only when all of them are added as admins/authors to that Blog.

Not only this sometimes we have to add other Blogger's as a author to write a Guest post on our Blog. In both of these cases, you have to add the other person as a author or a admin to your Blog as per the requirement.

There is a great difference in adding someone as a author and in adding someone as an admin.

When you add someone as a author you give them rights to access to the posts section only. They can only edit the posts and write new ones and they are unable to access options like comments, earnings tab etc. from their Blogger dashboard.

On the other hand when you add someone as a admin, they are able to access all the features and can make any changes they want to make to that blog, including deletion of that Blog also.

In this post, I will tell you a simple guide which explain you How you can add more authors/ admins to your blogger blog. I have also added a explanatory video for the same in the end of this post.

Steps to Add new Authors/Admins to Blogger Blog

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger account. Click on the settings option in your Blogger Dashboard:

Adding author/ admin to Blogger Blog
Adding author/ admin to Blogger Blog

Step 2:  After clicking on the settings option, click on Basic. Now go to the permissions option and click on add authors.

Adding author/ admin to Blogger Blog
Adding author/ admin to Blogger Blog

 Step 3:  Now add the emails of the people whom you want to invite to your Blog to contribute as a Author or a Admin. After adding emails click on invite authors button.

Adding author/ admin to Blogger Blog
Adding author/ admin to Blogger Blog

After that the people you have invited will receive a message something as:You have been invited to contribute to this Blog. Here is a link to accept the invitation "

They can click on the link to accept the invitation and when they accept it they will be added as authors. You can promote them to admin by going again to Settings- Basic- Permissions. There you can see the emails of all the members of that team who are managing the Blog as authors or admins. From here you can promote anyone to author or admin rank.

Note that it is always suggested to add one more admin to your Blogspot Blog even if you are the only person managing that Blog so that If in any case of your gmail account got deactivated or suspended which does not happens usually though, but you will not lose controls to your Blog.

Here is a detailed video explaining you How to add new admins/authors to Blogger Blog. Please if possible view the video in HD format in full screen for better understanding:

Hope this guide helps you.
Thanks for reading.
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