Take your online Business to a new level with meetup.com

Take your Online Business to a New Level By organizing Meetups

Whether you are running a Youtube channel or a Blog or Website, no doubt you will surely want that your Online Business attains new heights in coming days, you get more leads and Publicity. One of my last post explained How you can get Publicity as a Blogger with HARO and SOURCEBOTTLE. Using HARO and SOURCEBOTTLE no doubt you can be popular and get good backlinks but possibility of being popular within your locals is low. Now in this post, basically we will talk How you can get popular within your locals and take your business to heights by organizing meetups with the help of meetup.com
One of the most popular social sites meetup.com helps you to organize meetups with your locals. The best thing about it is you have to pay off less hard work in order to find out locals for the meetup. It is natural that it is not so easy to collect people for a meetup when especially when you have lesser audience base. But with help of meetup.com finding locals of common interest is much easier. You have to just visit their website and create a meetup.

How to create a meetup with meetup.com

Creating a meetup with meetup.com is just a simple task. You have to first register with them which you can do just by using your social accounts or by registering with them by sharing your location. The next thing you have to do is to choose the fields of your interest. You will found categories like Online Business, Startup advice and Strategy here.Categories like Fitness, Sports, Food and drink etc. are also available. Once successfully your account is registered you can find various meetups in your hometown and also you can create meetups.
To create a meetup click on Create a meetup- Choose the topic of the meetup- Name your meetup- And describe and mention the group of people who should be a part of that meetup.

Later on you can share about this meetup at your Facebook page or Youtube channel to invite more and more people to be a part of that meetup. Along with it you can try following measures to attract audience to the meetup
1) An open invitation to all people of your hometown through newspaper
2) Inviting people from local Facebook pages and Facebook groups. Even some pages are there which can help you to attract more audience to your meetup.
3) Registered users and unregistered users who visits meetup.com will also be aware about this meetup.

Finding People Of Common Interest For A Meetup
Finding People Of Common Interest For A Meetup

Uses of Organizing a Meetup and How it can profit your Business 

1} It will increase your reach and you will be able to target more audience.
2} Newspapers get ready easily to cover such events for free of cost. Hence your business will be promoted for free in a newspaper
3} You will get more leads in future.
4} You will enjoy a new learning experience and you will be more popular. 
5} You can find some sponsors also and ask them that if they are interested in promoting their business in your meetup. You can make money by charging them for advertisment.

Now it is the time for you to organize a meetup and yaah do not forget to send us an invitation
Thanks for reading.
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