5 unique traffic building strategies you donot know probabaly

5 Unique Strategies You Can Use To Boost Your Website Traffic:

In this post, Our concentration is on talking about 5 unique traffic building strategies that every Online business must try. Traffic building is one of the main work you have to do in an Online Business.Suppose what if people have not discovered Facebook and it has not gained much traffic in its initial days. The possibility is its CEO must have shut down it. 
Same implies to all Online Businesses. Your business can be a success online, only and only if it gets traffic and people discover it. This is the reason we are writing this post and this Blog probably. Here is the list of 5 Unique Strategies You Can Use To Boost Your Website Traffic:

1. Help From Facebook Pages of Your Niche: There are many pages active there on Facebook which are particularly not associated with any particular website or a business. They share the best content they found on the web at their pages which they found from different websites. You can find such pages in all niches.
The audience of such pages pays a good attention to their posts because they always try to share the best content and do not share same Blog posts again and again. Now In order to build traffic, you have to find and contact these Facebook pages and you have to ask them to share your Blog post. 
For example, Recently I messaged an admin of one such page and asked him to share one of my Blog posts. He did the same and here is the result of it:

In this same way, there are multiple numbers of pages active which can help you to get some visitors easily without doing much effort. There are many twitter handles also which do the same work of posting unique links. They can also be used to build traffic to a website.

2. Answering in Forums: You can be an active member in forums like Quora. They are great sources of traffic.The thing is you get the targeted audience from them. Not only Quora there are many other forums which are related to a particular niche only (Quora is a multiple niche forum). You can also be a part of them. This will bring you traffic and will improve your knowledge and you will get good contacts. If your Niche is same as us and you are also reading our posts 😊 you can be active in forums like Blogger help forum, Adsense help forum and Webmasters Help Forum (Warning: Don't spam them. Otherwise they will block you. Or if you have to spam them and there is no other chance, spam them with smartness )

3. Giveaways and Contests: Recently we announced a Contest For Bloggers in which we are giving prizes worth more than 100 USD amount. We got a lot of visitors at that Blog post. If you have a good budget then you can use this marketing strategy of organizing award shows and rewarding the best.
This can be used to make links also as you can submit your contest at different websites and get links for the same.You have to just find such sites which register contests for free and you have to submit your contest there.

4. Discovery engines: There are many discovery engines like Stumbleupon and Spinsnap where you can submit your website to get traffic. We have already written about them recently at these links:
How to use Stumbleupon to increase traffic and How to use Spinsnap to build traffic.
These discovery search engines are great sources of traffic, especially for Entertainment niche websites. You can check the above posts if you have not read them yet

5. Youtube commenting: You have probably listened about Blog commenting many times. We are introducing you to Youtube commenting.
When I started this Blog, Youtube was my major source of traffic. There is a video out there which was titles as What is Affiliate Marketing?
It was in trending videos for some days. A lot of people were commenting their doubts below it but the admin was not responding to them. I started replying to them with a link to my Blog posts where needed. I engaged a lot of people with the same technique. Especially If you have some How to articles this method can work great for you.

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