6 Hacks To Improve Facebook Post Reach

How to Improve Post reach at Facebook

The most popular social media website - The Great Facebook is home to many businesses. All most all companies, Blogs, Websites, Artists have a page there. Millions of images, posts, links, videos are shared by these pages every day.

Now, most of the pages, especially those with lesser likes have a major problem. The problem is with post reach. Even though some of these pages share good content but still their post reach remains negligible.
6 unique ways to improve post reach at Facebook
Six Hacks to Improve Post Reach at Facebook

Some 20 days back, our page was having some 100 likes and every post we shared was just reaching 2-3 people on Facebook. I was sad and I decided to find a solution to the problem. And I succeeded in that too. Now our page is having some 170 likes ( As noted on 16-10-2017 ) and our last post which is just a simple link reached to more than 1220 people without spending a single buck on Facebook adverts. 

How to increase post reach at Facebook
How to increase post reach at Facebook

Same happened with our second last post which reached 1495 people ( as noted on 16-10-17 ). 
Hence our posts which were reaching only 5-6 people started reaching 1000+ people which was really a great hike in post reach.
Now in this post, we will share with you some unknown secrets that can help you to improve your post reach at Facebook

1. Add your Preferred Page Audience in Facebook: Most of the people have not set their Preferred Page Audience on Facebook. This leads to a bad effect on both the post reach and post engagement.
In order to set your preferred page audience, you have to go the settings section of your page. There you have to select the preferred page audience section on the left side. There you have to select your targeted locations, your targeted audience on basis of interests and age. 
This really helps to put your content in front of the right people. So If you have not set your preferred page audience till now,  I think it is the time to log in to your Facebook page and do that.

2. Try to maintain good ratings/reviews of your page: When someone likes your page, directly send them a message to rate your page if possible. Even whenever I have a chat with any of my blog readers or my followers at Facebook, I do ask them to rate my page. Till now our Facebook page is maintaining a good 5 out of 5-star ratings and Hopefully, we will maintain it in future. Pages with good ratings are considered better by Facebook.

3. Share all types of content: It is always suggested by Facebook to share different types of media. Instead of only sharing links it is suggested to share images and videos only. 
Also, it is must to note here that Videos and Images have a better reach at Facebook then links. 
Though we surely agree that it is not possible to share videos on every page because the making of a videos consumes time and also you cannot make a video out of everything but still you should never miss an opportunity to share a video. For e.g. If your targeted audience is India and a festival is coming which all Indians love then there is nothing bad in making a small video at it and sharing it on your page. Through this, you can express love towards your audience, get more page likes and reach much more people

4. Be Responsive To Message- Send Health Signals To Facebook:  Whenever someone messages you at your page, it becomes your duty to reply them as soon as possible. This shows your sincere behaviour towards your readers and followers and sends health messages to Facebook.
The pages which reply faster are awarded by Facebook with a Very responsive to messages badge.
Actually, Facebook was designed in such a way that better pages which get updated regularly surely get more exposure than the pages which are outdated and non-serious towards their followers.

5. Post about the trending topics: In your Facebook Home, you can see a small section on the right-hand side about the trending topics. It is always better to post about the trending topics. Though it is not possible to post every time about these trending topics or content related to them still you should never lose an opportunity to post about these trending topics whenever possible.

6. Facebook Adverts:  When nothing works there are Facebook Ads to save you. You can boost the post reach of any of your Facebook pages in just a few dollars. 

Now it is your time to try these methods and we would love to hear your results in the comments sections
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Thanks for your precious time
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