A must read for solo travellers going to Trek Mount Everest

I remember the tweet of Mike McRoberts which got viral when Nepal faced Earthquake:

It showed How beautiful country Nepal is and How much beautiful their people are. In this same beautiful Nepal country, there exists Earth's highest mountain, Mount Everest.
In the article, "10 things you should know about Mount Everest" written by Listverse website, it is mentioned How a huge human jam can be seen in the mountains. These humans are no ones other then trekkers.
Science says Trekking or hiking activities leads to release of Adrelanine which is responsible for making us happy. This is the reason there is a rise in trekkers which are moving to various trek destinations including Everest Base CampKilimanjaro Trek etc.

If you are also a trekker or you are deciding any such activity in future, which includes thrill, action and adventure here are some special advice from Team Blogging Surgeon, which you have to keep in mind:

1.  Decide your route and book an accommodation first: If you are a solo traveller, we advise you to book your accommodation first. Popular services like Mojhi offers Guides, accommodations during the trek, meals, Airport pickups at cool prices. Even they can help you to select the route you want to take.

Fun Fact: There are multiple trekking routes in Everest region. Most people think that there is only one route which everyone has to follow. But they are not right. They are many routes which differs on their difficulty level
If you are a beginner, go can go for routes with less danger. Experts and thrill lovers can choose routes with moderate or high difficulty

2. Go with all preparations: Always keep products like Helmets, Emergency kits, First Aid kits, Torch etc. with you before leaving. All these products are available online at cheaper prices. You can get quality Trek bags from Amazon 

3. Get a Health Checkup: Always get a health checkup before leaving. Always remember Your health is your real wealth.
Otherwise, it is natural, that if you are someone who is involved in extreme sports you must be taking good care of your Fitness and Health

4. Take your camera with you: Last but not the least, Always remember to take your camera with you. Whether you are going to Safari in Namibia or you are going to Masai Mara National Park of Kenya it is going to be an extraordinary and non-forgettable experience. So do not forget o take your camera with you so you can capture out the beautiful moments of your travelling journey and yes please remember our #expert-tip that do not lend out your camera to strangers. Chances are there that they can run away with your camera while taking your photograph ( Not a Joke, True story: Source: Quora)

Hence Now it is your time to explore the world, live the best moments of your life and gaining the Best travel experience.
Here is a special gift for you inside this post: Kilimanjaro Climbing Guide
Happy Travelling
Blogging Surgeon
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