Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Contest For Bloggers- 2017 - Hosted By Blogging Surgeon

With increasing craze of Blogging among people of the world, there is a tremendous increase in the number of Blogs and Websites. As we mention in one of our startup ideas: Startup idea of an Online Award Show we think it is necessary that good Blogs, no matter whether they are just newly build or are there for years, they should be given proper recognition and prize for there work. Although there are many Blogging Communities that organize such contest on yearly or monthly basis but in most of these communities only the Blogs which are there from long time are rewarded. There is nothing bad in that and old experienced Bloggers must get reward for there hard work but New Bloggers should also be rewarded so they can do Blogging with much more interest in coming future and the world can get more quality Blogs.

In order to do this, We are organizing an Contest For Bloggers this year. The contest will be a simple online event in which we will award both new blogs and also some good old blogs. There is nothing like 1st winner or 2nd winner in this. We have multi prizing system. So we will award multiple winners. Note that only those Blogs will be eligible for the prize who will submit their application for participation during the nomination time by filling the Google Form provided at our website.

The Award Show will include prizes like Gift cards, Free Tshirts and other goodies. Here are some important dates for those who are willing to participate in the contest :

  • Notification on : 4th October
  • Nomination starts on : 13th October
  • Nomination ends on :  13th December ( Now Date Extended to 31st December )
  • Results on : 15th January 2018
  • To nominate your blog visit: Nominate your Blog for Best Blogger Awards
We are expecting some 1000+ participants in this award show and this is the only reason why the process of the Award show is going to be so late. We are accepting entries from Bloggers of all niches. Adult blogs and News Blog are not eligible for participation. 
All entries will be properly reviewed by our team and Blogs who will not meet the simple guidelines will be removed from the competition without any notification.

Award Show for Bloggers


Que 1: How an entry will be judged?
Answer 1: An entry will be judged on basis of Blog design, Blog Content and Blog Frequency in 2:7:1 

Que 2: I use a .blogspot or .wordpress domain and has not bought a custom domain yet. Am I eligible?
Answer: Yes you are eligible to participate and we have reserve prizes for such Blogs also

Que 3: If a Blog get less traffic but has quality content Can it win a prize?
Answer: Yes as we mentioned above 70% of winning chances depends on Quality of Blog content only so there are a great chances of you to win

Que 4: Can I get money prizes also?
Answer: No money prize has been decided yet. Although we have gift cards with us to award the winners

Que 5: I am under 18. Can I submit my entry?
Answer: Yes you can but you have to use email account of your guardian or your parents

Que 6: Are blogs in regional language eligible for participation?
Answer: No, only Blogs written in English are eligible. 

Que 7: Which countries are eligible to participate?
Answer: Bloggers from India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Nepal, USA, Nigeria, Philippines, Canada and Australia are eligible. Blogs From any other country are not accepted.

Que 8: Within How many days I will receive the prize?
Answer: All prizes will be dispatched within 15 days of results.

Que 9: Can I refer someone on my behalf?
Answer: No only the owners of the Blogs are eligible to submit an entry. We will check whether the original person is submitting his/her blog or not by code verification method or by Facebook page verification method.

Que 10: Is there any fees for the contest?
Answer: No it is completely free to nominate your Blog

Que 11: I have a Tumblr blog. Am I eligible?
Answer: It does not matters to us on which platform your blog is hosting. If you have a good blog which offers better content to the readers you are surely eligible

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Note: Now as we mentioned above nomination is going to start on 10th October but till then do not site idle. In the meantime share about this competition at your Blog and social handles. As this is the very first season for this Bloggers Award Show, we want to make it a huge success.
Also comment down Below whether you are participating or not. Your feedback under this post matters a lot for us and according to that only we are going to decide further things.
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If you have any questions, queries or feedback write to us at: Contact us at Email

Now as you have read all the terms and guidelines we thing now it is the time for you to nominate your blog by filling this form. To nominate your blog visit: Nominate your Blog for Best Blogger Awards

Thanks for your precious time
Blogging Surgeon- Sahil

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