Sunday, 15 October 2017

How can I claim my 10$ hosting credit from cloudways

Cloudways joined us as official sponsors of the event. They decided that they will give 10$ hosting credit to our each participant and reader. Here is a detailed guide using which you can also use the promo code: iamwinner and claim the prize.

To claim your prize, you have to first visit Cloudways official website. After visiting there, you have to select the hosting plan you are looking for. They offer cloud-based hosting services basically. So you have to pay only for what you use. While in other hosting services you have to first select a plan and pay for it. It is just like a postpaid plan. You first use the sim card for making calls and other requirements and later you pay in the end of the month. Same is with cloud hosting also. Now to claim your first 10$ hosting credit, you have to follow these steps basically:
Step1: Visit Cloudways

Step2: Choose the plan you are looking for.

Step3: Now click on Get started for free. You will see something like this on your screen:

How to use a promo code with cloudways
How to use a promo code with cloudways
Step 4: Now you have to fill up this form and also to click on got a promo code. In this option, Got a promo code you have to add the code: iamwinner.

Step 5: They will ask you about your number. Later you have to verify the number with a verification code also.

Step 6: Now you will receive an activation email in your Email account also. Go on there and activate your account using the same.

Step 7: Now if you are trying to make a website with them and you are in need of hosting, you can choose the hosting service from them very easily. They offer installation of WordPress in one single click. Once done you can easily install any other CMS also and link your domain with that

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To avail your 10$ Hosting credit visit: Cloudways and use the code: iamwinner