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Hello all,
Recently we got a new logo for our blog: BloggingSurgery.com One of my friends presented me it as a surprise Diwali Gift. Here is our new logo:

New Logo of Bloggingsurgery.com
I hope you people have liked it. I was thinking from a long time to get a logo and I had already found some good online logo creator like: Logojoy but this time my dear friend saved my money by designing an awesome logo for my Blog.

Logos are the representatives of any business. An impressive, interesting and a meaningful logo can help your brand leaving positive vibes in minds of your customers.
When it comes to making logos, Logojoy has the made the work really simple. You do not need to hire a freelancer to design your logo when apps like Logojoy exist in the market. Neither it is necessary that you must be a creative guy to use Logojoy. Here is a simple guide on using this simple yet creative logo creator: Logojoy

1. Visit the official website of logojoy. You can use the following link to visit their website: Logojoy Website . There you have to enter your company name to get the logo. 

2. Now just hit the get started button. Now this will show you the magic of artificial intelligence. You have to pick up five or six samples of logos you like. 

3. Next option is to select the colours which you can choose as per your site design. Next, add the tagline. It is better to add catchy sentences in the tagline area instead of long sentences. Then you can add the icons you want and soon your logo will be with you.

You can design your logos for free with this Logo creator, add icons to it you want and give it final touch with other cool options. Later once you get your perfect design you can decide to buy that logo and if you want to own its full rights then you have to pay the price of the logo. Now here comes the special gift about which I was talking:

If you need a logo from Logojoy, use the code: greatnessnow and you can avail 25% special discount using this coupon code. It is for 25 first redeemers only. It can be redeemed from here: Get 25% off at logojoy: Special Gift By BloggingSurgery

Logojoy has served more than 1,000,000 people till now. So I think this offer is worth to be redeemed.

Now, this is about the working of the Logojoy which was quite easy and Now I will come to the most loving part of Logojoy i.e. their support. From their affiliate manager to their online technical support providers who provide live chat and support all people are awesome. The gift that I added above was on special request from their affiliate manager for our readers only. You cannot find the same coupon anywhere else on the web and it is the maximum discount coupon. Here is a sample video about using logojoy:

Now one important thing that I want to tell you here is when we purchase a logo from Logojoy or even any other logo creator we get the full copyright of the logo. But if you run a company then you have to also get a legally binding trademark for the same. For that, you have to contact your local copyright office of your country.
The good thing about Logojoy is when we purchase a logo from them we get a receipt so if any spammer uses our logo in future we can send him a notice.
Even if you are looking for some online job, you can serve your clients as a freelancer by making logos using the help of Logojoy and serve them high-quality logos within instants. Hence you can turn artificial intelligence as a source of money making machine for you. Most of the freelancers these days are using these creative logo creator tools like Logojoy and with the help of artificial intelligence, they are making strong freelancer profiles.

Thanks for reading
Sahil- Blogging Surgeon

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