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Nominate Your Blog for Bloggers Contest 2017- Hosted By Blogging Surgery


How To Nominate Your Blog for Best Blogger Awards: Hosted By Blogging Surgery

Some days back we made the notification regarding Blogger Awards  It is a competition/contest for Bloggers to get recognized and win Gift Cards, Prizes and other goodies including pen drives, Tshirts etc.

Contest For Bloggers
Nominate Your Blog for Blogger Awards

As expected we got an overwhelming response regarding the award show and now it is the time to start nomination for the Blogger Awards. To nominate your blogs you have to follow the following procedure:
There are total 2 Steps involved in this that you have to follow one by one to nominate your blog:

Step 1: Verify your ownership:

As mentioned in our last post and notification of the event we made very clear that only a Blog admin can submit his/ her blog for the event. This is because we donot want someone to win a prize on behalf of someone others work. Hence this is why we have added a site verification procedure in this. To verify that you are the admin of the Blog you nominated you can choose any of the methods listed below:

a) Add code to your website to show you are the owner : The very first method you can use to verify the ownership is this method. You have to add the following code on your Blog. It will start showing a beautiful banner of size 200 x 200 on your Blog just alike adsense show small ads. It will be written on the banner that,

This Blog Is Nominated For Best Bloggers Contest - Hosted at
To add this banner on your website you can use this following code and insert it in your Blog sidebar or any other place where it looks cool.


<script type="text/javascript">
var bannersnack_embed = {"hash":"bc30o585x","width":200,"height":200,"t":1509095858,"userId":31501016,"type":"html5"};
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> 

Why You have to add this code and what benefits it will give you?

  1) This code is to ensure that only the admin is submitting his/her blog.

  2) Posts of Blogs with this code will be in our Newsletter and will be shared with our audience. Hence it is a great chance to get some traffic.
  3) This will help you to gain more traffic and audience in return.

b) If you don't want to add this code, no issues there are other methods also through which you can verify the site ownership instead of the above method. You can share on your Facebook page about the contest and mention that your Blog is also nominated for the contest.

These are the two methods you can follow to nominate your Blog. Later you have to move to second step in which you have to fill a google form. It is the last step of this procedure.

Step 2: Fill this Google Form

Now you have to visit this link and fill this form:

In this form, you have to add your name, your Blog address (website URL), your Blogging niche ( we have prizes for all niche Blogs, so this is mandatory) and your Facebook page. We need your Facebook page link only if you have not added the code mentioned at step 1 on your website and you have shared the message mentioned at Step 1.
Once you fill this form, our team will review your application. News Blogs and Websites + Web sites with adult content will be rejected. Now you have to just wait for results to be announced.

Note: You will receive timely Email updates from us. Also, you will receive a Newsletter from us. This will contain Blog posts of Nominated Blogs and it can contain your written posts too. Now you have to just wait for the results.

Wishing you all the best from our side.
Thanks for your precious time
Blogging Surgeon

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