Using Streak to do successful email marketing for more traffic

Using Streak to do successful email marketing for more traffic and better Email marketing

Managing email lists, creating successful email campaigns, replying to emails etc.are the most important tasks in an Online Business. Most of the online businesses go for business email address and they get additional features along with that business emails but many people stick to simple email address only. (Note: A business email is an email which includes your company name at the end of email address. For e.g. [email protected] is a simple email address. If we remove the term from it and replace it with it will turn out to be a business email address)

In this post, we are going to talk about Streak. It is a tool which can help you to save time while managing your inbox, you can track whether the readers are opening your email messages or not, count the total number of views to an email, schedule emails and do much more for free. (Premium plans are also there, but you can also go for a simple free plan which can track 200 emails every month and if you are a big company then there is nothing bad in going for a paid plan)

In this post we are going to talk about Streak - A CRM for Gmail. This tool can help you in improving your productivity by saving your time while managing gmail, you can do better marketing and get a lot of additional benefits. Now we know many questions are coming to your mind. So let us answer them all one-by-one:

What is Streak?

Streak is a popular CRM tool which can be integrated with Gmail. CRM term here refers to Customer relationship Management. You can install it in your Gmail with single click. There is an extension available for it and you can install it in your browser.

Complete Guide on Streak- CRM For Gmail
Complete Guide About Streak-CRM For Gmail

What are the benefits of installing Streak?

If you are someone who takes a good care of his inbox, use Gmail account frequently then we suggest you to install this tool without any second thoughts. 
When we came to know about it, we were having different thoughts in our mind like it will kill the ease of using gmail, or possibility is our account will start hanging or will start giving any other errors but when we use it, it completely changed our way of using Gmail. After using it for more then two months now, we can say that you can easily trust this tool
It will not cause any interference with your way of using Gmail and its additional features will help you a lot. Here I have listed some important features of Streak, which will make you install it in your browser also:

1) Track the Email message: You can easily track that whether someone is reading your messages or not. Whenever we send updates to our subscribers whose count is some 200 now, we first send a mail to only 25 subscribers and we see How many of them views it. It gives us a rough estimate that whether the Subject of email is right or it should be more catchy. It really makes Email marketing better this way. 

2) Schedule your Email messages: You can easily schedule your email messages without having a professional business email address. To do this you just need this awesome CRM Streak. When you will install it you will start seeing an option for scheduling messages in the Email composer. 

3) You can snooze messages: When you snooze Email messages it means you are removing them from your inbox for a particular time. For e.g. Recently I got an Email update from Google Webmasters Blog. I was having no time to read it but I cannot miss it. As I am a person who loves to keep his inbox clean I snoozed that message for two days. Now after two days It will be back to my inbox and I will give a read to it then.

4) Creating Pipelines: This is exceptionally one of the greatest feature especially for those who sell something online, or do something like managing events etc. You can create pipelines using this Streak. I will make you understand what Pipelines are so let we take an example. 
Suppose you are hiring Marketing experts for your Online Startup. So for that purpose you are now in contact with multiple people. 
So what you can do is you can create a pipeline with title hiring. Under this pipeline you can make multiple stages like Resume, Interview, Written Test , Result etc. and maintain records of everyone and do make your hiring process successful. Once event is completed means you complete the hiring process and your new workers join you, you can delete this pipeline
In same way you can make pipelines for other projects. Although frankly speaking I do not use this function much as I still believe and love to manage all these things at my pocket diary.

Otherwise with all these features we can say that Streak is a great free tool and it is you should have it in your Gmail as well
We would love to hear about your experiences with Streak. Comment them in the inbox with the ratings you give to this free tool. To download it visit: Streak-CRM For Gmail.
Thanks for reading.
If you are reading my blog first time-This is Sahil- Blog Surgeon

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