15 Social Sites To Get Large Traffic To A Website : Part 1

Social Sites can send you a lot-lot of traffic if you remain properly active on them. Our website BloggingSurgery.com has got more than 16,300 traffic sessions only from Social sites from last 6 months (1 May-1 November ). The average session duration for these sessions is near to 2 minutes. Here is the detailed report of our website Traffic for these 6 months, about which we are talking about in this post:

Website Traffic Reports
Website Traffic Reports
Actually, when a website is new, it takes time for it to get traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. So its traffic entirely depends on these social websites.

In this post, I am going to cover those 15 Social sites which you can also check out to get a huge amount of Social Traffic:

1. Facebook: Facebook comes at top of this list. Our Facebook page and postings in Facebook Groups are major sources for us to get website traffic. Actually, I joined a lot of groups and I saw some of them are too active while others are just full of spammers. So I left those group of spammers and started posting in these active groups. Along with posting, I started talking with the members of these groups in the comments section and that brought me plenty of website clicks, Facebook page likes, Affiliate revenue and much more. Even I made a new Facebook Group some days Back for Bloggers to discuss their questions, thoughts and views on some point. You can be a part of it by visiting here: Join Blogging Surgeons Facebook Group

2. Google Plus: From Day 1, We are sharing our Blog posts in various Google Plus communities. Google Plus is my favourite because we can share the same thing multiple times in 100s of communities. On other social sites like Facebook, sharing 1 link in 3-4 groups collectively can even cause ban of your account.
You can too be a part of multiple Google Plus communities and share your revelant posts there. Post title must be catchy enough if you need some visitors. This is because many people share content there and the best out of the best get noticed only. Even you can make a Google plus community yourself. We too have a Google plus community assosciated to our Blog. You can be a part of it here: Join Blogging Surgeons Google Plus Community

3. Twitter: Twitter stands out at the third number in this list. Whenever we right a post which mentions a particular product we tweet about it for sure. For e.g. In one of my post, we talked about Cloudways 10$ free credit coupon. As soon as I finished writing the post, I tweeted about it by tagging cloudways in the post. Their social media team retweeted it and loved it. That bought me some extra impressions and click on the tweet. This is because when they loved the tweet, it became visible to their followers as well. You can follow us at twitter from this link: Follow Blogging Surgeon at Twitter

4. Quora: This website has a special place in our list. Though this is a Q/A site means people use it for asking questions and getting their answers, but I am considering it in social media sites because of two reasons. The very first reason is Traffic from Quora is considered as a social traffic in Google Analytics and second reason is more people use it as a social media and not as a Q/A platform.
Frankly speaking Quora is the best social platform currently existing in the market. My websites 30-40% traffic is from Quora. I never suggest anyone to just post links there as it can lead to blocking of your account. Instead of it, you can write some useful content in the answer and also add a google plus share link of your post. So first share a post at Google plus and then share that Google plus link at Quora. If you do this they will never block your Quora account and you will get good traffic as well. Otherwise it is a lovely platform with lovely users who post good content. So you can also be a part of it and share your knowledge.

5. Youtube: Youtube is the number one video sharing website. You can use it as a great source of getting website traffic if you use it wisely. 
Note that you can get website traffic from Youtube by two ways:
* By making Videos
* Without making Videos

a) Idea of getting traffic from Youtube by making videos is pretty simple. You can make videos revelant to your website or Blog niche and post them on Youtube by adding links to your post in the description box and get traffic.

b) You can even use Youtube to get website traffic without making a video. You can just post videos revelant to your niche that are ranking at top positions in Youtube search and engage with the audience. Let me explain you in details How to do this:

First open Youtube and search for any video related to your niche. A How-To video is preffered for this. For e.g. I search for What is Affiliate Marketing on Youtube and I see many videos. Now from this I will found those one which have lot of comments and admin is not replying to anyone. Now instead of the admin I will start replying to those comments with links to my post. In initial days I used this technique a lot of times to get great amount of traffic. Though it is time consuming but it can send you much amount of traffic.

Hope you have found this post useful.
Part 2 of this post will be available here soon and we will update you with a link.
Till then stay tuned with us
Thanks for reading
Blogging Surgeon- Sahil

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