Complete Guide On Finding Sponsors For An Online Event

Recently we announced a Contest for Bloggers at our Blog. It was a high time for us when we get Cloudways as the official sponsor for the event. Cloudways is a cloud-based hosting providing service which is much popular in the technical world. Not only they decided to sponsor the event but they also provided us with a special promo coupon: iamwinner for all our Blog readers and contest participants which can be used by them to get 10$ credit at cloudways.

The route to finding sponsors is though not easy and we dropped more than  100 emails, unlimited tweets to various companies and in the end, we got a good result 😊
Actually, the problem is when you are someone not much famous celebrity finding sponsors, especially for an Online event, becomes a much tough job. So In this post, we are covering a detailed post on How you can Find sponsors for an Online Event when you are not a much famous celebrity in the Internet World.

How to Find Sponsors For An Online Event
How to Find Sponsors For An Online Event

Now before we talk about, How you can reach companies and make them sponsor your event it will be much better if we first talk What you can write in the message while pitching companies? So Let us first see a sample layout which you can use to pitch companies while doing sponsorship enquiries:

Hello Team,
This is XYZ, From Team Blogging Surgeon ( Add your company/Blog Name here ). Our Blog has a reader base of n number of visitors. We are organizing a contest/event for this group of people ( Add the target participants category here )
We are expecting some 100-1000 participants in the contest. We are looking for sponsors now. Every Brand which will sponsor the event will get the following credits:

Credit 1
Credit 2

and make the list of all the credits that the sponsor will get.
Here is the link to the event: {Link}
If you people are interested in sponsoring the Event do let us know.
Team- Blogging Surgeon
Mobile : +91 XXXXX-XXXXX

Don't show in any case that your only reason to get a sponsor is you are in need of money or like that. Neither there is need to discuss the sponsorship prices directly in the Email. Otherwise, you can directly copy this and edit as per your requirements and pitch various brands.

Here are the places/methods through which you can peep at companies/individuals who are looking for sponsoring an Event.

1. Use your contacts with Affiliate Managers: When you run an online business, you have a lot-lot of contacts. Your Affiliate Managers comes in Top of this list. If you are organizing a contest for Food Bloggers do contact your affiliate managers of all the food campaigns you are promoting. Same applies to Fashion, Technology, Sports and other niches. Chances are much higher that you will get a response from them and also if you have some good history in that campaign than it is natural that chances of getting them sponsor the event are also great.

2. List your Event/Contest at SponsorMyEvent: SponsorMyEvent is a great website which can help you to find sponsors for an online event. There are many Brands like Pepsi, Forbes, TedX, YesBank etc. already there sponsoring many events. You can post your event for free at this site and automatically it will be visible to many popular Brands

3. Do Pitch companies with an Email Message: You can use the same proposal I mentioned above and use it to pitch companies with an Email message. As It will be a hectic process for you to find the Email address for various companies, you can use Email extractor tool.
You have to just add the company name and it will extract all the Emails of that company whom you are looking to contact for some purpose. Note that you will be able to look at the Email address of those companies only which are using a company Email address. 
So what you have to do is to just make a list of all those companies which you think are appropriate for event sponsorship. Now using this tool  collect their emails and message them
This tool can save a lot-lot of time and free version of it will do you work.

4. Facebook Groups: You can also look for sponsors in the Facebook group. Do remember if you are not a much popular brand, never except sponsorships from companies like Google/Microsoft etc. It is always better to target new business startups who are trying to set up in the market and spending money on their marketing. Big companies already have their scheduling fixed for coming 6-8 months and Hence it is better now to waste time pitching them. If you are a well-established brand, then you can surely pitch big companies from your niche and expect a sponsorship.

5. Take help of unique professional platforms like Meetup: I have talked about already in one of my posts: How can you take your Online Business to A new level With 
Actually on Meetup mostly all brands are there. There are no spammers and all are professional guys
Same thing is with linkedin. So It is always preferred to take help of such professional platforms instead of overcrowded platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Hence using these methods you can find a sponsor for your event easily. Note that you have to look for sponsors not only for the sake of profit reasons that you will achieve after selling sponsorship rights but you will get a lot of exposure online when your sponsor will share about the event. This will also add a great feeling of trust among your participants about the event and about your Blog as well. 

Hope you have found this post useful.
Thanks for reading
Blogging Surgeon- Sahil

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