How to add Disqus comment system to Blogger

A comment bar is that place where you interact with your readers mostly. Readers can submit their suggestions, feedback and advice through comment boxes. But if you have a comment box which appears unappealing to the readers and it is not user-friendly, chances are less that you will receive comments from your readers.
A good comment box must have following options:

1. Users can easily sign in or sign up and leave their comments without wasting much of their precious time.
2. Must be user-friendly where users love to engage in conversations
3. Moderators can easily moderate and differentiate the genuine comments from spam ones.

Now In this post, we will talk about one such third party comment system which has all the above features and which you can integrate to your Blogger Blog i.e. Disqus

So Let us discuss How we can add Disqus to A Blogger Blog and Import old comments from Blogger as well.

Here is the Step By Step Guide to do this:

1. Step 1: Go to Do visit and click on get started and make an account if you have not an account with them yet. You can even use your already existing Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account to register with them. Once registered do confirm your Email account by clicking on the link in the Email box you received.
Now click on the settings icon on the top right-hand side of your screen. Now go to the option: Add disqus to the site.

2. Now you will be redirected to a new page like this once: Add disqus to your site. Scroll to the end of the site and click on Get Started option as shown in the picture below:

Add Disqus to BlogSpot Blogs
Add Disqus to BlogSpot Blogs
Once done you will be redirected to a new page where there will be two options:
1. I want to comment on sites.
2. I want to add Disqus to my site

You have to select the second option. Later you have to add the website name to which you want to add Disqus comment system. Now you will be redirected to pricing page. You can select a free plan there. Even paid plans are there but free works well for most of the sites

Step 3: At this step, you have to select the platform on which you are running your Blog. As we are talking about Blogger, in this case, you can select Blogger. It will later open your Blogger Blog and then will add Disqus comment system to your post section automatically in the layout.

Step 4:  Now If you don't have any comments in your Blogger Blog, you have to do nothing else. For those who have some comments already you have to import the already existing comments also. 

Here is the complete Guide to do import already existing comments from Blogger to Disqus

To import your already existing comments at Disqus go to community section. Under this see the tools option below which Import option is there. Now again here you have to choose Blogger as your Blogging Platform and click on the option import comments from Blogger. You can see the below image for reference:

Import Comments From Blogger to Disqus
Import Comments From Blogger to Disqus

Click on import comment from Blogger. That's it. Now after this all of your comments will be imported automatically and disqus will be ready to use on your Blogger Blog.
You can do a lot with Disqus comment system. Blocking a particular user who is continuously posting spam on your site, monetizing the comments, checking analytics etc. all are those features which can add a lot to your knowledge about your readers and visitors
Hope this tutorial has helped you
Blogging Surgeon- Sahil

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