How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Online

How Can You Get Free Amazon, Paypal and Walmart Gift Cards:

Everyone loves to shop. But shopping is a lot more fun when you get everything delivered to your home for free of cost. Shopping without spending anything from your wallet is always a great feeling. In this post, I will explain to you How you can win Free Amazon, Paypal and Walmart Gift cards and shop at your favourite online stores for free of cost. In this post basically, we will talk about the most trusted, safe and legal way of getting online gift cards. The service about which I am talking about in this post is Swagbucks.Swagbucks helps users to earn gift cards for various services just by doing simple fun tasks like installing mobile applications, doing paid surveys etc. 

Free Gift Cards ( Amazon and Paypal )
Free Gift Cards ( Amazon and Paypal )

The process of starting and registration at Swagbucks involves very simple steps:
      1} The first step involves your visit to Swagbucks 
      2} After visiting there you have to register for that service. You can simply register at their website by entering details like Name, Email etc.

      3} After successful registration at Swagbucks, you will get a confirmation email from Swagbucks team. If you do not receive that email in your Inbox then you can check it in your spam folder. You have to click on the conformational link provided in the inbox to confirm your account.

Swagbucks: User Guide- How to use Swagbucks

Swagbucks works on the concept of Swagbucks points also referred as SB points. There are the points which you earn basically for completing a small task like a survey. For example, A 15-minute survey gives you a total of 60 SB points in total. Now in the same way you complete other tasks to earn more SB points. Every task you complete at Swagbucks will give you some SB points. Once you earn some good amount of these SB points you have to visit in the Redeem SB section of your dashboard. After visiting there you will see different gift cards which you can purchase with help of SB points you have earned. For example, with 500 SB points, you can buy a Facebook Game Card of $5. Even you can do charity with your earned Swagbucks points and buy gift cards of KarmaKarma, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation etc. We have also bought some gift cards for some charity through Swagbucks. Here is the proof for that:

Swagbucks Proof
Swagbucks Proof

There are a lot more good features in Swagbucks. Completing daily goals there is a lot more fun. Even there are features like if you earn some particular amount of SB points on regular basis and use Swagbucks on daily basis you will get additional credits in your account.

You can also refer your friends and earn some good points on Swagbucks by sending them referrals. You people now can also visit their website and start earning free gift cards. For registration at Swagbucks visit this link: Register at Swagbucks

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