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(Latest) A Complete Guide About Freelancing For Beginners

What is Freelancing -- A Simple Definition?

The very first time, some two years back when I searched for the same question What is Freelancing? Mr Google showed me some web pages which were showing length typical definitions of Freelancing with a list of freelancing websites from where I found it just impossible to get a job. It was a bad experience because the definitions were too tough to understand and I was thinking it is better to start studying Chemistry instead of these type of definitions­čśŐ

Now after two years, when I am covering the same thing on my Blog, I will make sure I will not write any typical definition here which makes you press the exit button. So Let us start the discussion:

Complete Guide For New Freelancers
Complete Best Guide For New Freelancers

Freelancing is earning money online by doing paid part-time jobs. Doing jobs like Logo designing, content writing, proofreading etc. online are examples of such type of jobs. A person who does such type of jobs is called a Freelancer. There are various Freelancing websites like Upwork, FREELANCER and Fiverr there. But getting a freelancing job for a beginner from these websites is not that easy as it looks.

Actually when a new person comes to know about Freelancing the very first thing he does is to search for freelancing websites. He gets a list of websites like Upwork, FREELANCER.COM etc. but when he signups there he sees that for a single job hundreds of people apply and he finds it much impossible to get a job from them.

Actually, these Freelancing websites have two types of members. Ones are free members and others are premium members. Most of the time it happens that only premium members get a job there. Even when you have signed up for a freelancing website you must have also noticed that these websites ask you to upgrade your account by entering your credit/debit card details.

See friends, this is a very natural thing actually. For these Freelancing websites, premium members are major sources of there earnings. Whenever someone buys a premium account it adds to the revenue of these Freelancing sites. So these websites are always designed in such a way that premium members get a job more easily than free members and that happens also. So when most of the people who are new to Freelancing world see this they got disappointed. They think that they cannot get a job at these sites and Hence, in the end, they do not Google more things about Freelancing. But the thing is Freelancing has a great scope. If you are a designer or a web developer, a Blogger or a Social Media Manager getting a Freelancing job is not that difficult as it seems at these sites because freelancing is not only limited to them. So Let us First talk the top ways which you can use as a Freelancer to get your first Freelancing job:

1. Facebook groups: Facebook groups are great lookup sources for those who are looking for a job as a freelancer. Although in these groups also too many people try for a single job, still the competition is too less as compared to freelancing sites. Also, the thing is they make you in immediate contact with the person who is looking for a freelancer. So If you are someone with great social talking skills and you can influence people easily then there are great chances that you can easily get up a job.

2. Your personal Blog: Let us say you are a web designer. You can make a blog to present your designs on your blog. Along with this on the same blog, you can add a "Hire me" section.
So those people who are looking for freelancers can contact you. Not only this you can represent your designs there and earn money by showings ads on your Blog. Even you can start a Graphic Designing Tutorial Section in the same Blog.
Hence it will help you to represent your designs and experience and when you have some awesome designs present at your Blog chances are great that more people will contact you and will try to hire you. The second thing is you can add this Blog link to your Freelancing profile present at various freelancing websites. This will increase your chances of getting hired from these Freelancing websites as well.

3. Look for those opportunities where no one looks: Some days back I was in need of some money. I started looking for a Freelancing job and I got a Freelancing job in just 40 minutes. 
Actually, there was a guy who started a new website. He was asking for feedback in a group. That group has too many Freelancers who keep pitching with the profiles for various jobs. But this time there was no one to submit a review of this site. I messaged him
" Hello sir, Your website is not yet indexed in search results. You have to perform some basic SEO to get your web pages in search results. If you will not do that you will not get organic traffic"

He asked me to help him. I charged him the price per hour and helped him in submitting his website to Google Search Console, optimized the images present at his website which improved his website speed and helped him to add a free SSL. 
You are also suggested to look at those opportunities where no one looks. This is a Golden rule for success in all businesses.

4. Freelancing websites: It is quite weird but still I place this method at the end of my list. If you want to pursue Freelancing as a full-time job in future you can move on these sites and even go for paid accounts if required. and Fiverr are both great sites where you can find Freelancing jobs. It is always suggested to fill a complete detailed profile when you are pitching for jobs at these platforms.

Hence using any of the above 4 methods you can easily find freelancing jobs. Along with this, I have also mentioned some Golden Tips below that you have to always keep in mind while doing Freelancing jobs.

#TIP 1: Take some payment as advance: Most of the time in Freelancer Groups many people share proofs of How someone hired them as Freelancer and once work is over they refused to paid and Blocked them. This does not happen on Freelancing websites as they coordinate the payment process but when you make the direct contact with the hirer like that from Facebook groups probability of getting cheated is great. So it is always suggested to take half payment as an advance. Remember the world is cruel so don't trust everyone blindly.

#TIP 2: Try to Build strong Profile: "Experience matters the most"- So whenever you are working for someone make it sure that you can add it to your resume and build great skills with that work. Though this rule does not apply for small-time freelancing jobs but when it comes to working as a freelancer for a particular company for 4-5 months try to ask them for a certificate/ or try to get a valid proof from the company.
This will build your resume and you can get your dream job in future easily and also you can make a strong Freelancing profile.

#TIP 3: Always work in some conditions: Recently an educational portal contacted me and said they need Freelancing services from my side. Along with this, they presented some Terms and Conditions in front of me which included sending daily written reports, proof that there is an average increase in organic traffic every week etc. Along with they said they will not pay me for those weeks in which traffic will be less from last week.
I politely refused to them and decided I will not work for them. The thing is not that I was not interested in working as an SEO or something other, the thing is such people want daily good results. Now suppose there is a Google Algorithm update. So 99% chances are there that the site will lose some good amount of organic clicks for some time. But they don't know anything about SEO so better it to work for a good boss.
Actually, the thing I want to convey is it is always better to maintain your own work standards. Look for terms and conditions seriously before accepting any freelancing job. 

Tip 4: Don't wait for opportunities, Go and Grab them: The sentence is so powerful and it also implies to every business. Instead of waiting for people to list jobs, look yourself for the jobs. For e.g. If you are someone looking for a freelancing job in the educational sector, just build an email list of these sites and contact them and ask them for a freelancing job. So go and grab the opportunity even before your competitors come to know about it

I hope you will find this Guide useful. We will come up with more such articles on Freelancing in Future.
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