15 Social Websites To Get Large Traffic To A Website: Part 2

In the last post: 15 Social sites to get large traffic to a website: Part 1 we talked about major 5 Social networks for getting web traffic. We talked about Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Quora and Youtube in it.
Now we will talk about some few other websites where you can promote your business or website. So let's start our discussion:

6.  Whatsapp: While promoting your Business at WhatsApp you need to keep some proper steps and guidelines in your mind. The two strong reasons which Justify my statement are:
  • If you will just spam people by sending your website links, chances are there they report it to Whatsapp and you get your account Blocked.
  • Spamming is also not preferred. It will affect your brand's reputation.
So the question Now comes to every mind is then How I can promote my website or Blog at Whatsapp?

The answer is to promote your Business/website at Whatsapp you are left with the option of Whatsapp groups only. You can easily find members for your Whatsapp group from Facebook groups by inviting people out there.
Now once you get a group linked to your Blog, it becomes your responsibility to maintain it properly and take care of everything. You have to keep removing spammers timely, adding new members and all is your whole responsibility. Slowly you can use the group to attract good traffic to your website.

List of Social websites to get traffic
Social websites to get traffic

7.  Linkedin: Linkedin which is the Best professional network can be a great source of traffic for your Blog. You can directly share links there. Also, you can simply write LinkedIn posts in order to increase your followers count. Once you have a good audience there, you can easily generate a good number of clicks. You can even make a Linkedin group as well though I have noticed that Linkedin groups have fewer engagement rates as compared to Facebook groups 1still, it can be a good source.

8. Instagram: It works much better for fashion, food and entertainment bloggers. So If you fall in any of these categories I suggest you have a look at this tool once: Tailwind: Instagram Scheduling tool.
You can use this tool to do auto posting on Instagram and even on Pinterest. It will save your time and will improve your reach as well.

Please note no matter which social media you are using to promote your business/blog, it is always better to post 5-10 times at least on daily basis. This is why auto schedules are referred so that you can save your time and get better results.

9. Discovery search engines like Stumbleupon and Spinsnap: Though they are termed as discovery search engines, still I think I can add them to this list. You can read about both of them here: Add your website to spinsnap to build traffic and How to get traffic from StumbleUpon

10. Meetup.com:  Meetup has a lot of good things in it. It is a social platform with very fewer spammers. It can help you to establish your Blog as a brand among locals and slowly you can do meetups in other parts of your nation as well. I have a detailed guide to it here. Do give a look at it: Take your online business to a new level with Meetup.com

I hope you people have enjoyed reading this post.
Nest part will be available soon and  I will update its link here. If you need some help, or you have any feedback please post it in the comment box.
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