Tailwind:Auto-Schedulers for Pintrest and Instagram- Review

Welcome to the  Episode 2 of our series "Blog Surgeon's Lab". Today we are going to do review Tailwind-which is an automated tool to post and pin at Instagram and Pinterest. 

Episode 2: Tailwind: A good autoscheduler for Pinterest and Instagram 

Social media has a very important role in providing traffic to majority of websites. When it comes to posting at social media in order to get website traffic there are various factors like posting at right time, optimizing content properly, optimizing your social media handles, adding proper tags etc. have major role in order to get more reach and engagement.

Autoscheduler for Pinterest and Instagram
Autoscheduler for Pinterest and Instagram

In this post, we are going to talk about Tailwind- A tool which can help you schedule your posts at social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest so that you can post right content multiple times a day and reach your target audience. Though it is a paid tool but it can be used for free as well.

What are the best things about TAILWIND?

Tailwind is easy to use. Once you connect your social accounts (Pinterest and Instagram) you don't need to login again to your social accounts to post there as everything can be easily managed from Tailwind dashboard. 

You can simply, install Tailwind extension in your browser and schedule and pins for pinterest directly without opening your accounts.

Tailwind dashboard provides access to other information like your followers growth, organic activity you are getting at your pins, impressions you got at your last pins and much more. 

They have a special tool through which you can generate a smart schedule. You can post at the same schedule they generated and get more engagement. Option to add custom schedule of your choice is also there.

Tailwind tribes (or say Tailwind Communities) is also a better option in which Tailwind members post their pins, reshare pins of other users, communicate with each other and Hence help each other to get more reach. Tailwind tribes are really help and I consider it as one of the reasons why anyone should try it. 

Tailwind welcome tribe has good number of members and you can get good reach by posting in that single tribe only. As the tribe feature is new so that is the most active tribe currently. You can create your own tribe as well.

Hence overall its a good tool and if you are looking for some good traffic you can give it a try.

What are the things I don't like about Tailwind?

The very first thing I don't like about Tailwind is that we cannot use it with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The tool is not made for those social media platforms and Hence if someone wants to manage his social media accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram he has to depend on more then 1 tool.

One other thing I don't like about Tailwind is that I don't find its user dashboard much friendly. You will have to read the user base as the first time user before using the tool (Thats purely a personal opinion)

One last thing that most of people including me don't like is it is a paid tool 😜

Else other things are good and if you will try it you will come to know that really a good hard work has been done by the Tailwind team in order to develop the tool and then should be appreciated for same.

Pricing of Tailwind:

Tailwind pricing starts from 10 USD/month. They have bigger plans for agencies as well.

Final Ratings: 

I think a rating of 4.6 out of 5 is perfect to justify the hard work Tailwind team has done for this product. You can consider using this tool by visiting here: Try Tailwind- Instagram and Pinterest Autoscheduler.

Please note this is not a paid review and neither any of the tool we review in our episode Blog Surgeon's Lab is. We don't have any intention to harm the reputation of any tool and all of the posts are just personal reviews of the author.

I think that is enough for Today. Will meet you in the next episode.
Good Bye!
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