Fleeq: A Good Tool To Make Explanatory Videos -Review

Welcome to the Episode 1 of Blog Surgeon's Lab. In this episode, we are going to review Fleeq- A special type of video making software

Episode 1: Review of Fleeq- A tool used to make videos from screenshots


Introduction : 

Fleeq is basically a video making software in which we can create videos from screenshots. Basically, the term fleeq is given to those such videos which are made with the help of screenshots.
You can add sound and captions to these videos without using your own voice. This means if you want to add voice to the videos you have made and want to explain a lot of things there is no need to buy costly recording setup. You can just use Fleeq and it will do your work. Hence, you can add narration to videos without doing your own voice recording

You are also given with an option to choose the accent you need for the video. If you are not that good in speaking a particular language (like English or may be any other) but you can write it easily then Fleeq is the best thing you can have as using it you can make videos containing narration within seconds

Make videos from screenshots
Review of Fleeq

What are the best things about Fleeq?

I have tried paid plan of Fleeq and the best thing I liked about it the most is the easy with which I can make videos. Whenever I need to write a How to type article I can use Fleeq from now to make a video within seconds.

Even I am also adding videos to my old content as I am in love with Fleeq these days. You can see one such video that I made Fleeq in this post: How to add new authors/admins to Blogger Blog

Many of you will be thinking that a much better video can be created with some other tool. But I think that this video is great because I donot spend a single rupee on voice setup but still get a quality sound, also I made this videos in some 4-5 minutes and that is good for explanation purposes and that is my first video with Fleeq. 

Till now, I have made more then 5 videos with Fleeq, which I will be using in my book on Affiliate marketing and I think they are much better then this video.

Actually, Fleeq is basically made for teams and businesses. There are options like add feedback button to your fleeq made video, you can integrate it with mailchimp and do a lot more stuff like adding branding, adding logo, tracking views of your Fleeq etc. Fleeq made content can be downloaded with one click in form of a video in your device.

Hence, there are a lot of awesome things that you can do with Fleeq.  Also the dashboard is easy to use and if you are someone who is not in video making and editing then Fleeq is best thing for you. Pricing system is quite good and you can save a lot if you purchase the annual plans. (Trying Fleeq's trial is also easy as you donot need to use a credit card for the trial)

Also Fleeqs that are exported to MP4 can be uploaded to any third party platform like Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo etc.

What are the things I donot like about Fleeq?

After creating a video, when I have to export it (or you can say download it), you have to click on the export fleeq button. After clicking there, they send the Fleeq in the email. Hence for every video that I made with Fleeq, I have to wait for an email everytime to download it.

Also there is no such support or contact email I found at their homepage.  They have just connected their social accounts of Facebook and Twitter. I think they should work on their support service as well.

Pricing :

Fleeq has following pricing plan:-

Pro Plan: 5$/month/Billed annually

Business plan: 9$/month/Billed annually

Hence as per the quality of product I think pricing is totally justified.

Final ratings:

I think a rating of 4.3 out of 5 is perfect for this tool.

Please note none of these reviews are there to effect image of any product or company. They are not paid reviews and are just written after proper testing by the admin of this Blog. We don't have any intention to harm the reputation of any product/tool/service.
Thats all for today. I will meet you people in the next episode of Blog Surgeon's Lab.
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