Secure Ways to Receive Payments For Indian Freelancer

One of the biggest economies among the world- India has a huge base of freelance professionals. More then 15 million people are working as freelancers in India (Source: Wikipedia: Freelancing in India) and it is the second largest country with freelancers after US with near to 42 million people working as freelancers.

When it comes to freelancing, transfer of payment between the freelancer and client is the most important thing which needs to be managed properly from both parties. Many a times it is seen that Freelancers scam their clients after receiving the payment or sometimes the clients refuses to pay after the completion of work.

This is the reason most freelancers and clients takes help of freelancing platforms which manages payments at their end, are more secure and pay freelancers once they have done the work properly through paypal and other methods.

But most of the times freelancers usually comes in touch with clients at websites like Facebook and Linkedin and in that case payment process needs to be managed by freelancer and client itself as no third party is involved.

This post basically talks about all the methods possible which can be used to receive payments in India (both from National and International clients). It also talks about How you can receive payments from freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork

If you are a Blogger, Freelancer or any one other who is involved in any other online business, you cannot miss this post.

I think its the time to start the conversation now.

Ways to receive payments from Clients as an Indian Freelancer:-

There are a large number of methods through which you can receive payments from your national and international level clients. Please note Paypal which is one of the most favourite platforms cannot be used to receive payments from local clients.

So If you are living in India, you cannot receive payments from your Indian clients with help of Paypal. But don't worry there are pretty many other good methods which can work well at national level. 

I am listing some of them below which you can use to receive payments from both national and international clients.

1. Instamojo:  Instamojo is basically a free payment gateway which charges you a small amount for every transaction. So you have to pay them only when you are earning yourself.

Instamojo can be used only in India to receive payments from clients living in India. They provide the option to receive international payments as well but it is not preferred to use the same.

If you are a Blogger or website owner living in India, you can use it to sell products online at your own website and get paid.

You have to link your bank account in order to get an account at Instamojo and get paid. Its free to use and you just pay a small transaction fees.

You can even make shareable payment links as a freelancer which you can send directly to your clients at Whatsapp, Facebook or any other method you feel good.

Your clients gets the option to pay using Debit card, Credit card and some other mobile wallets like Freecharge and Mobikwik. Hence it is perfect for those who receive payments frequently online from Indian clients.

There are pretty other good options provided by Instamojo team like you can set your own store, run an Affiliate program, use fees calculator and do much more. 

You can use my referral link to join Instamojo. You will get 500 INR credit in your account when you will join with my link. I will also get 500 INR for same. Here is my referral link: Instamojo! Get Paid easily

2.  Paypal: Paypal is the best method when it comes to receiving payments from International clients. As I mentioned above as well we cannot use it to receive payments from local clients.

Making a Paypal account does not charges anything. Also you have to just share your Email Id using which you created your Email account in order to get paid. There is no need to share any other single detail except it.

Paypal charges a small transaction fees for every payment you receive and credit payments to your bank accounts directly. 

The one rule I don't like it that we while living in India cannot keep payments in our paypal accounts. Once we receive payments from our International clients, they are automatically withdrawn to the linked bank account in a small time period.

The below image shows the Paypal Transaction fees structure for India. This means they charge following percentage of fees for every payment you receive.

Paypal India Transaction Fees Details
Paypal India Transaction Fees Details

3.  Payoneer: Payoneer is one of the best alternates to Paypal. You can use it to receive international payments. Many big companies and freelancing websites provides option to connect Payoneer account to get paid.

You can also make direct payment links to share them with  clients and receive payments. Received payments can be withdrawn to local Indian bank easily.

You can use this link to get 25 USD while registering at Payoneer and making a Payoneer account: Get 25 USD when you signup for Payoneer.

4. Mobile wallets: Mobile wallets are pretty much common these days. They can be used to receive payments from National clients only.

For e.g. Paytm is mostly used these days to receive payments from Indian freelancers. Though it is one of the most used wallet by Indians but still they have no such special arrangements for freelancers to receive payments. (Paytm business is available and it is a good payment gateway when it comes to selling online)

If you want to know about the transfer fees and other details related to transferring money from paytm account to bank account you can have a look at this: Paytm: Transfer money from Paytm to Bank account

There are some other wallets like Freecharge as well which have options to transfer money from one account to other and they can be used for same purpose as well

(When I started my career as a Freelancer,  I used to ask people to buy Amazon Gift Cards for me. You can receive payments in form of Amazon Gift cards as well. Now options like Amazon Pay are also available which can pretty well work for you)

5. XOOM: XOOM which is basically a Paypal service is also much popular these days among Bloggers and businesses for receiving payments from global clients.

Pretty simple to use,  XOOM is mostly used to send and receive money to friends and family instead of professional purposes.

But still you can request payments using XOOM by directly sending them a payment request to your clients in their inbox. Its a pretty popular service among US people.

These five methods works pretty good most of the times.
I will keep updating this list as I soon test and found some other good methods. You can subscribe to our Blog to stay updated.

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