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5 Perfect Online Business Ideas For 2018

 5 Best Online Based Startup Ideas For 2018

When the world is moving on Internet and everything is becoming digital, the number of online businesses is increasing as well.

The good thing is these businesses are getting good success and currently there are many online businesses which are making huge amount of revenue.

Today, In this post We have bring some good Online Business Ideas for you which you can implement in 2018 and start your own unique Online Business in 2018.

Please note, Though these business ideas are concentrated over Indian people as I have taken factors like competition, revenue etc. by relating all those factors to Indian market but still If you are someone who is not from India, still you can work on these ideas and modify them as per your target audience.

Online Business Ideas
Online Business Ideas

So let us start the discussion on 5 Best Online Business Ideas for 2018 :-

#Startup Idea of An Online Educational Portal

This idea revolves around the concept of online tuition. There are many students who are searching for tuition, study material, test series, mock tests online. So the very first thing is it is not much difficult to find audience for this business due to a large audience base.

There are many educational portals for same purpose but still due to a large audience base, educational related business is one of those businesses which can always be profitable if done properly by soul. If you will give good inputs, you can surely expect great inputs.

Websites like Quora which have a lot of students active on them can be much useful if you want to bring traffic to such sites. You can later add a discussion forum and also connect a Facebook group with the website and build an audience base for it.

To implement this idea. first you need to get a website. You can message my team and we will help you make one for free. It will cost you some 100 USD for initial setup.

Once you have made a website you can connect with local tuition teachers and other teachers who are interested in doing freelancing stuff to make some more money.

You can ask them to provide you their recording lectures, Ebooks and notes and you can post them at your Youtube channel and website. For e.g. You can provide some lessons of any particular book for free and remaining for some amount of money.

You can also use Youtube to monetize them to make some more money. In same way you can use Adsense to monetize website. Along with this you can add a Books review section to your website with Affiliate links of books to make some more money (In this section you can add reviews of Books, Authors with Affiliates links of books and use the same to earn money)

# Startup Idea of an Online Book Store

This idea revolves around making an online Book store. As per as the research did by me at platforms like Quora and others I had found that there is a strict need to start such an idea and it will be a huge success.

See, there are platforms like Amazon KDP where people can sell their E-books. But due to some reasons many of people fails to sell their books there. Also there is no popular useful platform where people can sell old used books and buy used books.

So the idea is to make a new online platform where people can sell and buy used books.

Also you can add a feature where college students can sell notes to their juniors and in same way even help their juniors by sharing other useful material (both free or paid) with them which can help them to earn money and help their juniors both.

As per as my suggestions you should made a website design such that it offers your users to make their own writer page too.  One more thing I want to add that you should also provide a facility that people can sell their notes at your website too. This will also be of great help as many college students and teachers are looking for online resources to sell their notes

You can take a commission from every Ebook and copy of notes sold through your platform. For e.g. You have to set a minimum royalty rate that you are going to charge on every sale. For e.g. If anyone sold a book worth of Rs. 100 through your website you are going to take 10% of it as royalty.

Hence with multiple functionalities such online business can be a great success with a great audience base. 

# Startup Idea of Cyberzine: Make Money With Whatsapp

Some people have a very good habit that they takes a good interest in daily news and current affairs. Even some people have good interest in Journalism too but due to some reasons they failed to pursue their passion.

In this Online Business Idea, we will talk about an Idea that is helpful for people who belongs to the above group and are searching for both name and fame.

Best Online startup ideas for 2018
Online startup ideas

CyberZine is basically a term used for Online Magazines. If you take good interest in national matters and have a good knowledge of them too then you can start your online weekly magazine and distribute it as messengers (mainly WhatsApp). In this magazine you have to target those ideas and news which our media does not broadcast due to some reasons.

You can distribute this magazine online through Email, Whatsapp, Hike etc. Even you can make a website too. The main motive behind all this is too make a good readership base and make people addict to your magazine. 

Whatsapp and other messenger 's must be surely your first major source where you can do the distribution of the magazine.

You should publish such content that people wait for your magazine every week. Once people become addict to your magazine now it is the time of your to make some money.

Once you become able to build a good readership base you can start making money by some of the following ways:

  • Proving space to people for ads.
  • Writing one featured post
  • You can monetize your website
  • Donate button
  • The one and the most important includes selling your magazine

In same way, Instead of a magazine you can start a Digital paper and distribute it in the above same way. Hence you can mould  this startup idea as per your target audience and user base.

# Startup Idea of an Online Award Show for Bloggers and Youtubers:

As the title clearly  the idea revolves around starting a platform where Best Youtube channels and Blogs are rewarded. The platform can be designed in form of a website where you can conduct contests for Bloggers and Youtubers. 

The award show should be country specific as it is not possible to choose a best Youtube channel from channels of all around the world. 

Now in this award show, you can give award to channels in categories like
1} Best Educational Channel of the year
2} Best Sports Channel of the year
3} Best News Channel of the year
4} Best Blog by a Newbie
5} Best Fashion Blogger

In this way, you can choose 20-30 categories and award the best channels.You can let common people vote for their favourite channels and blogs.

How you can earn money from this startup idea:

Now the question that arises is How you will earn money by working on this idea?
The answer is very simple: You will charge a small amount of participation fees from everyone who wants to participate in this award show.Hence every nominee has to pay some amount to be a part of this function. Moreover, I am sure that people will surely participate as the winners and participants will get good traffic from this.

You can keep the participation fees zero first time and you can try to find sponsors in order to make some revenue if you want. Also you can monetize your website with Google Adsense and monetize it to make some money.

# Startup Idea of an Online Stationary Business:

There is total three types of investments involves in this business.

1) First and foremost investment is in setting an Online website and adding a payment gateway or an order form to it. If you are low at budgets you can simply make a website at Blogger platform by adding any free payment gateway like Instamojo to it.

For sure we prefer using a custom domain as it will give a more professional look. You can easily get such website at low costs for starting the business

2) Second investment is there in purchasing products to sell. See there again we have two options. Contacting Physical store owners is first choice and buying products online is second choice. We surely prefer you to choose second option. One thing you can do is instead of purchasing products from websites like Amazon or Flipkart, you can go for AmazonBusiness.in

It is a service run by Amazon itself which helps you to buy products in bulk at cheaper costs. Hence it will be better if you purchase products from there. If you have good contacts in your town you can do partnership with local dealers also which sell in bulk or just do something sort of dropshipping by buying only when someone buys from you.

3) Third investment is in promoting your business at local level. This is the most crucial step for success of your business.You should try promoting in local newspapers by providing advertisements there. You can also distribute pamphlets in local areas. Other methods you should try must include:

-  Promotion and seminars in schools and telling them about your business
-  Moving from door-to-door and promoting your business, not by selling items but just telling people How they can remain in profit by buying from your store instead of buying from local shops.
- Digital marketing should also be done properly in start by targeting the right audience base. You can use Facebook and Quora ads as per your budget 

Make People Buy From You: How to Get More Leads and Sales in Online Stationary Business

It is quite obvious that making such a business success is not so easy task. The reason behind this is that If I can buy something just from a distance of 100 meters from my home, then why I will buy it online.Surely If I will get something special from the seller, then only I will go for the Online option. So here is something special you can add in your online stationary business

The card system: Card system is something which can make your Business succeed. See in this idea of Online Stationary Business your target audience is mainly of age group of 8-16 years. Most of such age children have great influence of Cartoons or Cricket or something just similar to that. So you can start a scheme in your city called card scheme.

How the card scheme will work:

1) You will provide your buyers with a card on their every sale of more then 5 USD (or something you can set as per your audience)

2) Whenever someone will collect 10 cards, you will give them something special as a gift. It can be anything like a Baseball bat or a cricket bat. Such schemes are easy to be used on children and can make your business success.

3) Also you will provide free home delivery so that parents of children have nothing objection when their children buy online. Do add the option of cash on delivery as well.

Note: Be loyal with your small kid customers and Hence keep rewarding them with gifts on time to time. For sure your profit will not be more in initial days and that can be somewhat demotivating too but slowly and slowly your profit margin will start increasing and you will have more reach soon in the city. 

Later slowly slowly If you succeed, and you want to continue with the same you can start your own manufacturing unit and also start taking orders from other towns and cities. Especially if you live near a village this idea can be more successful as there are less stationary shops there.

More things to keep in mind: 

1. Do not limit yourself to pen,pencils and notebooks but also do sell things like Books, Practical copies as there is more margin in them.
2. Slowly-Slowly you can add feature of selling old books for locals and also add a same for interested buyers. 

3. We prefer you to use a bicycle while doing the delivery of orders to the locals as it will be both pocket friendly and eco-friendly and will be surely better for your health

Here ends our discussion on 5 Perfect Online Business Ideas For 2018. If you have any query, feedback or you are looking for any help in this you can ask us in the comments section or just drop us an Email.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this piece of content
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