Unique Online Business Ideas For 2018

When the whole world is moving towards Internet and everything is becoming digital, the number of online businesses is increasing at a very high rate. 

The major thing in all online businesses is that they keep the power of making you instant rich as compared to any physical business.

(Please note, there is a lot of hard work involved in making an Online business succeed. The above statement is written with respect to physical businesses)

This is the reason most of the people are searching for Online business ideas

Today, In this post we are going to discuss some unique Online business ideas which you will find exclusively here at our Blog. 

Online Business Ideas
Online Business Ideas

We will discuss following Online Business Ideas one by one:

  • Online Business Idea of Cyberzine.
  • Online Business Idea of a Digital Award Show.
  • Online Business Idea of a Book Store.

So Let us discuss all these Online Business Ideas one by one:-

Online Business Ideas: Running a Cyberzine on Whatsapp

The day is not far when Governments will need to take steps in order to limit the use of paper. 

This startup idea will operate with a target of complete substituting Newspapers with Online papers and magazines. ( Such magazines which are distributed online are called cyberzines )

Usually a physical newspaper which is distributed among people contains 20-30 pages and that newspaper usually gets useless in a day or two. ( Though recycling is done for sure but its better if we stop wasting paper and other useful resources at very first step. )

Basically this idea wants you to start an online newspaper ( or you can run a magazine too )  and distribute the magazine and paper digitally online.

You can use Whatsapp as main channel of distribution because Whatsapp does not offer news itself like Hike or other messengers.  Along with it you can surely use other digital sources of distribution. 

If you work on an Online newspaper you will need to publish and distribute content daily and if you work on an idea of Online Magazine you can publish it on weekly basis as well.

When it comes to revenue generation you can use the following methods to generate income from this idea. You can:-

  • Make money by providing space for ads in your newspaper.
  • You can charge a monthly subscription fees alike other physical newspapers
  • You can distribute premium content
  • If you make a website regarding same, you can monetize it as well.

Editor's Note: One major thing you will need to keep in mind is that If you start working on this idea you should make sure that you run a unbiased useful paper which covers only legit news.

There is no need to cover any shitty news related to Bollywood kids/Celebrity makeup news and other idiot content in your online paper if you want to make it a success.

Online Business Ideas: Organizing a Digital Award Show

With a rapid increase in number of Youtube channels, Blogs and Websites there is a need of an organization or a committee which rewards the best channels and content creators.

Though Youtube itself awards the Best content creators time to time by organizing award shows and by other ways still there can be an other party which does the same on timely basis at a national level.

Hence, as the title clearly  the idea revolves around starting a platform where Best Youtube channels and Blogs are rewarded. 

The award show should be country specific as the idea will be more feasible in this way only. Common people should be allowed to vote for their favourite Youtubers and websites and the winners must be rewarded.

You can work on this idea if you are someone with a lot of involvement in online working space. This idea can be used to generate revenue:-

  • By finding sponsors
  • Charging a small fees from the nominees
  • By accepting donations.

Editor's Note: Charging a participation fees will be very necessary in this case. Otherwise there are thousands and thousands of channels which are running in the Youtube space and if everyone will be allowed to nominate himself/herself it will be a bit difficult to organize the award show successfully.

Online Business IdeasIdea of an Online Book Store

This idea revolves around making an online Book store where student can sell and buy both old and new books.

Actually, currently there is no such reliable service where students can sell their old books at good price and buy old books. Hence there is a strong need of one such platform.

Following Additional Functionalities can be added to this Online business idea:

  • You can sell stationary at this store. You can provide customized stationary and do Print on demand as well.
  • You can provide students with an option to donate their old study material.

You can charge 5-10% of every transaction or sale that happens through your platform. It is better that you keep this transaction fees lowest in the starting days.

If you don't want to setup this as a commission model, you can simply make a store where people can students can post ads about their old material, books, notes etc. and sell it.

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